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Changelog 1.14.2#

[Improvement][Categories] Add field for firmware version
[Improvement][Custom categories] Multi-Select Field in Custom Category
[Improvement][List editing] MV Custom Category: Enable List Edit
[Improvement][Report-Manager] Executing user to be displayed in the report
[Bug][OCS] OCS Archived entries are not set to Normal during an import
[Bug][LDAP] Information about user in creation date and date of change is empty when the user is created by logging in via LDAP
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Fields in the Database Assignment category are missing as a condition
[Bug][Report-Manager] Error message when using the object type as output in reports
[Bug][Report-Manager] Option to control behaviour of list filter in report lists
[Bug][Report-Manager] dynamic attribute "rest warranty" selectable in the report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Assigned storage devices (host) are not displayed in reports. Only "-" is displayed
[Bug][JDisc] It should be able to choose whether system services are imported via JDISC.
[Bug][JDisc] Custom Identifier are not inventoried again during JDisc import despite mode "Update (Inventory again)".
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Discovery tries to establish connection despite missing credentials
[Bug][Search] Fix SQL syntax error in CMDB status query
[Bug][Search] Wrong results when using search for custom categories
[Bug][Search] Option: "Highlight search string" leads to wrong links in description fields
[Bug][Search] Search index should display correct category names (+ constant in brackets)
[Bug][CMDB settings] Remove Raid:Level from the Dialog Admin
[Bug][Object type configuration] Alphabetical sorting of icons in object type configuration based on the file name
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import multiobject Persons Error
[Bug][CSV Import] Database error during CSV import > assigned SIM cards
[Bug][CMDB] Associated storage devices (host) in virtual machines are not displayed correctly
[Bug][Logbook] The object type is not logged during a JDISC import
[Bug][Logbook] Logbook only shows IDs instead of actual content when changing information in multi dialogue plus fields from custom categories
[Bug][Logbook] Error in logbook when custom categories are updated via CSV import
[Bug][Categories] Tags in the General category cannot be created
[Bug][Categories] JDisc import of wireless access points does not empty the WiFi devices category in overwrite mode
[Bug][Categories] Category VRRP in the overview page of an object creates SQL error
[Bug][Categories] HTML fields: The text style "Code" is no longer selectable
[Bug][Update] Missing object type constant prevents use of i-doit after update to 1.14.1
[Bug][Objects] Objects of type File can no longer be opened (Others/Files)
[Bug][Systemtools] Option to remove multiple single value entries does not clean up relations
[Bug][System settings] Unique Check of the hostname did not work
[Bug][System settings] Setting to cancel processes if a validation conflict is detected does not work with list edit
[Bug][Authorization system] Rights to view the category "Interface / external data" are missing
[Bug][Installation] Installation not possible, because next button is grayed out after mod_rewrite check
[Bug][Lists] Multi-Value List view: column width of last column not adjustable
[Bug][Interface management] Zammad: Create ticket button creates link with undefined at end