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Changelog 1.16.1#

[Improvement][Categories] Add Attribute Firmware for the category Network -> interfaces
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP-Group Mapping doesn't work anymore
[Bug][LDAP] Deleted values from AD/LDAP remain untouched in i-doit
[Bug][LDAP] The ldap-sync .ini function ignoreUsersWithAttributes does not work correctly
[Bug][CMDB] Cabling browser and location selection use absolute URL instead of relative URL
[Bug][CMDB] The CMDB statuses 'In operation' and 'inoperative' cannot be set via CSV import
[Bug][Categories] Connected object in category "logical ports" does not have a hyperlink
[Bug][Categories] Cabling browser displays connector and port as pair
[Bug][Categories] Rack slots cannot be used if you are on the back
[Bug][Categories] Selecting a DNS domain in category "net" causes a malformed presentation of the selection field
[Bug][Categories] Objects cannot be changed from the Template state to other states
[Bug][Categories] The connection of a FC port is not disconnected
[Bug][Categories] For patch panels the position in the cabinet is not displayed in the list view
[Bug][Categories] Links should be handled the same in all categories, including link field type
[Bug][Categories] Selection for a net in category "Hostaddress" sometimes selects a supernet, even if a manual selection for a layer-3-net was performed previously
[Bug][Categories] The name of the 'Service type' dialog attribute cannot be clearly associated with the 'Service > Service Type >> Type' category
[Bug][Categories] New field type for database field of attribute "File-link (external)"
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: it always inserts a condition that was not selected
[Bug][Report-Manager] HTTP Error 500 when opening a report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report with the IP list object attribute creates SQL error
[Bug][Report-Manager] Using specific and global category relations at the same time in a report causes an error
[Bug][Report-Manager] Error when using "Assigned SIM Cards" in Report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report shows wrong information of category form factor
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: SQL Error message when using contract attributes
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager error message when Operating System is selected as attribute
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: attribute connection (power consumer) not available
[Bug][Report-Manager] Check for dynamic report not available for reports, created/modified via SQL editor
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Or link is not generated correctly
[Bug][Report-Manager] Sorting of IP addresses in reports
[Bug][Custom categories] Language constants are not replaced for checkboxes in user defined categories
[Bug][Custom categories] A custom category cannot be edited if a report is displayed besides text fields
[Bug][Custom categories] Link attributes from custom categories should be linked in lists
[Bug][Custom categories] Default-Values for yes/no fields in custom categories are not used for selecting a default
[Bug][Interface management] Zammad connection does not work for object type workstation
[Bug][JDisc] Error message during JDisc import if JDisc option "Import connection endpoints" is enabled
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc: Virtual network adapters are imported
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Endpoint connection
[Bug][JDisc] No logbook entries through JDisc import of persons
[Bug][Notifications] Receiver calculation strategy in notifications without function
[Bug][Notifications] Error when executing the i-doit console with notification-send command
[Bug][Lists] Presentation for grouped data (comma seperated or list) has no impact on multi value categories
[Bug][Lists] The field "description" is not available to be selected for lists in custom multi-value-categories
[Bug][Lists] Assigned SIM cards cannot be opened by clicking on them in the list view
[Bug][Lists] Attribute "assigned object" of category "logical ports" can not be selected to be shown in object list
[Bug][Active Directory] Active Directory Computer Import function does not import computers or servers
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import generates error message and does not run through
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] Language constant for roles are not translated in CMDB Explorer
[Bug][Print view] Print view for categories does not work
[Bug][Print view] Some HTML formatting is not displayed correctly in the print preview
[Bug][Code (internal)] Fix XSS vulnerability in monitoring > Export configuration
[Bug][Code (internal)] Error message when updating i-doit to Version 1.16
[Bug][CMDB settings] Clean up data entry also changes user defined categories
[Bug][Search] If you use the search, an SQL error message is displayed but the search is executed
[Bug][Search] Duplicated objects are not automatically added to the search index
[Bug][System settings] The object browser in the list editing does not use the default selected for the object browser field
[Bug][List editing] List editing for assigned licenses under Application>Inastallation does not work
[Bug][Object type configuration] Selection for object type icons does not include all folders
[Bug][User settings] Saving the presentation of tree view has to be saved twice