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Changelog 1.16.3#

[Bug][Notifications] Notification: Expiration of a certificate period - Despite threshold value, certificates outside the threshold value are also displayed
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications: Recipients receive all objects although they are not selected as contact
[Bug][Lists] Problems with the delete and purge button in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Attribute "Members" is not available for person groups in lists
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import: 'Start at line' and 'Import lines'
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import: Import of operating system versions (and patchlevel) via the operating system category
[Bug][CSV Import] Number of created or updated objects does not show the correct total number
[Bug][CSV Import] When assigning an object via CSV import, the attribute object ID can not be used
[Bug][CSV Import] Error when importing a contact assignment via csv-import
[Bug][CSV Import] Attribute "Type" of category "certificate" is not filled via csv import
[Bug][Categories] The search domain is cleared when the network is changed and saved
[Bug][Categories] Attribute "Used Databases" is not saved properly
[Bug][Categories] Option to click on a line does not open the object in assignment categories
[Bug][Categories] Object types with the specific category 'Chassis' are not displayed correctly in cabinets
[Bug][Categories] Archived power consumers are added to the power consumption of a Rack
[Bug][Categories] Sim cards are not loaded correctly by clicking on the object link
[Bug][Categories] ##COUNT## Placeholder is not evaluated for outputs (connection)
[Bug][Code (internal)] Dialog+ Admin: The attribute Network > Port > Standard is not displayed
[Bug][Code (internal)] The word e-mail is not spelled correctly in i-doit
[Bug][Code (internal)] Legend of the IP list of layer-3 networks does not scroll without errors and runs to infinity
[Bug][Code (internal)] Spelling mistake: Administration > CMDB settings > Object type configuration >> Orhpaned object types
[Bug][Code (internal)] Wrong validation logic for Textarea properties in the API
[Bug][Console] Error when using the i-doit console command search-index
[Bug][Custom categories] When objects are duplicated, user-defined categories remain empty
[Bug][Custom categories] Adding new values in Dialog+ (multiple selection) fields deletes existing entries
[Bug][Custom categories] Custom category with ID 31 has no commentary field
[Bug][Custom categories] Yes No Fields are displayed after saving - with -1
[Bug][System settings] Barcode configuration no longer exists
[Bug][Report-Manager] Identical attribute selection from different assigned objects causes them to be missing in the report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Report does not show results although the Check button shows relations
[Bug][Report-Manager] Investment costs are always empty in report results
[Bug][Report-Manager] Duplicated variable reports are not flagged as variable reports, as long as the placeholder is not modified or a new placeholder is added
[Bug][Report-Manager] Description text of a placeholder field does not change when a different type of placeholder is selected
[Bug][Report-Manager] Description of report is cut when using some special characters
[Bug][Report-Manager] SQL report is not displayed
[Bug][Report-Manager] Date of creation and date of last change are no date fields for conditions in report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Connection endpoints in the Report Manager generate an error message
[Bug][Report-Manager] Used databases for software assignments as output attribute for reports generates errors
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: SQL error message when using the Assigned Objects (Assigned Objects (Contract)) Attribute
[Bug][Report-Manager] Wrong Name for Virtual devices Categorie in Report Manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Reports with nested output filters show only the object IDs
[Bug][Documents] Assigned terminals of assigned workstations are not displayed in the document
[Bug][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] auth-cleanup command deletes rights
[Bug][Authorization system] Loaded parameters in the right configuration are set back to a default value when opening the configuration again
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Import: Import of Operating system > Version does not work correct
[Bug][JDisc] Importing monitors via JDisc causes duplicated connections
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc import assignes ip addresses twice
[Bug][JDisc] JDISC: DNS server is not set during import
[Bug][JDisc] The DBMS is displayed with and without version in the "Databases" folder category
[Bug][OCS] OCS import empties all categories despite allCatsOverwrite=0
[Bug][Object type configuration] Error message when activating custom categories
[Bug][Mass editing] Deleting an object via mass change does not change the date of last change
[Bug][Mass editing] User-defined categories are ignored during mass changes from templates
[Bug][Templates] custom categories are ignored when creating objects from templates
[Bug][Import] Active Directory computer import displays only 10 objects
[Bug][List editing] Sorting in list edit by using object title is not possible
[Bug][Search] SQL error message when using the search if there are many spaces
[Bug][Search] Create search index via console generates error message
[Bug][Cabling import] Cabling import cannot identify inputs and outputs if the title is the same
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP-Sync: Check for sufficient rights for person group assignments