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Changelog 1.17.2#

[Improvement][Categories] Option to define if relations to an archived object should be displayed as archived or normal
[Improvement][Console] Functions for cleaning up objects via i-doit console
[Bug][Lists] Objects from relations are not shown in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Filtering in object lists does not find Umlauts
[Bug][Lists] Object list for network area shows wrong information for the category Network area > Options
[Bug][Lists] When exporting the Service > Service Components list, the ID in {}
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc import imports all cloud users
[Bug][JDisc] Some information to operating systems are only imported into the description field
[Bug][JDisc] Objects without any details do not get imported via JDisc
[Bug][JDisc] Using i-doit >=1.16.3 with an older version of JDisc (<5022) fails because of a missing JDisc Table "ipdnsserverconfiguration"
[Bug][System settings] The configuration for the Standard LDAP group is not to be found in the client settings but in the cross-system settings under System Parameters
[Bug][Categories] ##COUNT## Placeholder is not evaluated for outputs (connection)
[Bug][Categories] Selecting a name shema in category "connectors" uses a wrong default
[Bug][Categories] Connection of logical ports is not saved
[Bug][Categories] Missing categories to select for overview page
[Bug][Categories] Purge button in category "location" not available
[Bug][Categories] Button "Purge" is performed without a security query
[Bug][Categories] In category "Cabling" > "connectors" object IDs are shown next to cable names
[Bug][Custom categories] If the value of a Yes-No field of a user-defined category is changed via the overview page, the value is not saved
[Bug][Custom categories] Dialog+ values are not identified by category
[Bug][Custom categories] The default value of Yes/No fields is also displayed in the view mode.
[Bug][Custom categories] Handling for YES/No fields in user-defined categories cannot be changed
[Bug][CMDB settings] In the Category Services the Dialog Attribut Alias cannot be accessed via the Dialog-Admin
[Bug][CMDB settings] Add option to object browser configuration to limit the types of creatable objects
[Bug][Dashboard] The date is not displayed in German on the Dashboard > Welcome widget
[Bug][Code (internal)] Saved passwords can no longer be issued
[Bug][Code (internal)] The object list is not loaded if an object has a '(Apostrophe) in its name
[Bug][Code (internal)] Apostrophes are not escaped
[Bug][Code (internal)] Extending existing categories with attributes via an add-on the data is not stored
[Bug][Code (internal)] Attributes in existing categories are not merged correctly when they are extended via an add-on
[Bug][Update] Update across a major version should not be possible (>=1.16.1 > 1.17.1)
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import: Import of operating system versions via the operating system category
[Bug][Report-Manager] The table isys_user_session can be read out by SQL report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report displays incorrect attributes for the "Managed devices" category
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Using Installed on -> Operating system as condition generates SQL error message
[Bug][Authorization system] By setting a role in contact assignments, the object is opened if the rights are insufficient
[Bug][OCS] OCS Import: If Multi Value categories are imported there are duplicate entries
[Bug][Validation] Validation of unique Dialog Plus fields does not allow editing the Multi-Value entry
[Bug][CMDB] In the category Cabling > Connectors the Configured value for the "Naming scheme for output pairs" is not considered
[Bug][LDAP] Missing error message if the path to the .ini or the filename is not entered correctly
[Bug][List editing] Sorting for IPv4 address not possible in list edit
[Bug][Logbook] Creating a client creates CPU and memory entries in the logbook