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Changelog 1.18#

[Improvement][Password Encryption 2.0] New Cryptohashing for user passwords
[Improvement][Custom categories] New field type "Number field" in the custom categories
[Improvement][Custom categories] Dependencies for dialog+ fields in custom categories
[Improvement][Custom categories] Use variables in custom categories
[Improvement][System settings] Free defineable COUNTER variables
[Improvement][Import] Net zones are not assigned to objects imported from JDisc
[Bug][CSV Import] Export custom categories of type report in csv
[Bug][Authorization system] Archive and delete right has no effect for "objects below a logical location".
[Bug][Authorization system] Creating a report changes the permissions system and assigns new permissions
[Bug][Authorization system] Users automatically get full access to objects they create
[Bug][Authorization system] Right assignment for object type "Container" possible
[Bug][Authorization system] Improved naming for rights, permitting access to content below a defined object
[Bug][Authorization system] Clean up for permissions, relating to objects below a physical/logical location
[Bug][Authorization system] Sometimes, the same permission is shown more than once
[Bug][Authorization system] User settings: Presence not configurable
[Bug][Authorization system] The Layer 2 Net > Assigned ports category for Layer 2 Net objects cannot be edited
[Bug][Categories] The attribute "Last revision" of the documents category should be displayed in the object list
[Bug][Categories] Unneccessary information about missing create right when editing an object
[Bug][Categories] List of assigned object of a license cannot be sorted
[Bug][Categories] Net areas are not loaded in the filters for the object list view
[Bug][Categories] New mode selectable per default for ports ("Stacking")
[Bug][Categories] The position of the label of the empty values filter is not related to the checkboxes
[Bug][Categories] Sorting ports and connectors in the cabling browser
[Bug][Categories] If contract assignments are detached an empty category entry with "{}" as the designation remains
[Bug][JDisc] Do not create new person objects but link existing ones
[Bug][JDisc] New JDisc custom attribute type is not imported to i-doit
[Bug][JDisc] Import of address assignment field from JDisc
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report does not display attributes when outputting the "People" subcategory from the "Organization" category
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager does not replace Placeholder
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Parameters in the condition change when opening a report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Wrong values when listing information from category Computing resources in a report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Improved information about report type during creation
[Bug][API] Person Groups cannot be added via Person -> Persons group memberships
[Bug][Custom categories] In custom categories at the Object-Relationship field type the relationship type cannot be saved
[Bug][OCS] OCS Import: If Multi Value categories are imported there are duplicate entries
[Bug][Code (internal)] "Changes" parameter of the signals contains no array
[Bug][Code (internal)] 500er Error if no object browser entry is selected for editing
[Bug][Code (internal)] Legend of Net disappears when scrolling down
[Bug][Code (internal)] Database Folder icons are not displayed
[Bug][LDAP] For an LDAP filter with * as a placeholder no objects are imported
[Bug][Search] Global search for "%aa" causes SQL Error
[Bug][Search] Search finds archived/deleted objects, even if they are excluded by system setting, if their content is modified after changing the state of the object to archived/deleted
[Bug][Search] If the object type of an object is changed, the object will be found with both object types in the search
[Bug][Import] LDAP/AD import ignores the default template for object types
[Bug][Import] Exported objects that are installed vertically in cabinets are mapped incorrectly by XML import
[Bug][Import] CSV import by comma-separated multi-value attributes of a user-defined category
[Bug][Import] Importing SIM cards - cards with linked cellular phones does not create a relationship
[Bug][List editing] Custom categories that have a report field cannot be opened in list editing
[Bug][Validation] Duplicate objects bypasses the configured validation
[Bug][Validation] Description field in custom categories cannot be set to mandatory in the validation
[Bug][Logbook] Logbook entries of assigned workplace components and assigned workstation are only shown in one direction
[Bug][Lists] Sort by roles in groups of people > Members does not sort correctly
[Bug][Lists] For solved single relations {} are displayed in the list view
[Bug][Lists] Available licenses aren't shown correctly in list view(core-based)
[Bug][Lists] In our lists the pager icon for "previous page" is missing
[Bug][CMDB] Language constant for the root location does not work everywhere
[Bug][CMDB] Propose Passwort variant "Stark" is not translatet into english
[Bug][Objects] Changes in categories are not output correctly via the Events add-on
[Bug][CMDB settings] Special characters for custom categories with JavaScript fields are cleaned up
[Bug][Object type configuration] Icons for the object tree are in the wrong folder
[Bug][Notifications] Type for notifications in german version