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Changelog 25#

[Task][Code (Internal)] Remove all query_cache_* options from the systemoverview of i-doit
[Task][Code (Internal)] Use buttons to edit properties in custom category configuration
[Task][System settings] Create new i-doit administration structure
[Task][System settings] Search text is hidden after clicking anywhere else
[Improvement][Custom categories] Define your own attribute keys in custom categories
[Improvement][Custom categories] Change isys_catg_custom_fields_list__field_content from text to longtext
[Improvement][CMDB] Add object name of a server to list view of "logical devices (Client)" category
[Improvement][CMDB] Add ID to list view of assigned objects from person group
[Improvement][Installation] MySQL 8.0 compatibility
[Bug][Categories] Adding a chassis to the back of a rack does not show the front of the chassis
[Bug][Categories] Duplicate of workplace has identical workplace components
[Bug][Categories] Placeholder helper is not displayed when the category has no saved data
[Bug][Categories] Ipv4 adress out of range when changing layer3 net
[Bug][Categories] All workplaces assigned when creating a person
[Bug][Categories] Can not copy passwords with double click if special characters are used
[Bug][Authorization system] Set the expert setting auth.active to 1 by default
[Bug][Authorization system] Rights set by the database get overwritten when viewed
[Bug][Authorization system] Rights are not granted to a Person
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP page should not break when testing connection
[Bug][Documents] Placeholder "assigned workplaces (general->title)" shows title of main object
[Bug][Documents] Kosten und Laufzeit des Vertrags werden nicht richtig angezeigt
[Bug][CMDB] Do not break i-doit when object type is clicked in breadcrumb
[Bug][Update] Empty Migration log after update to Version 23
[Bug][CSV Import] CPU frequency + CPU frequency unit can not imported at once
[Bug][Custom categories] Can't save custom categories in overview on creation, when service assignment is also in the overview (>=php8)
[Bug][Custom categories] Duplicate technical keys when creating many fields at once in custom category
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Object Browser request canceled
[Bug][Code (Internal)] JS error when user is not allowed to see the search
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Error when creating object with locally assigned object category in overview
[Bug][Code (Internal)] No object type group selected, when accessing i-doit via "index.php"
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Discovery does not use the correct port
[Bug][Report-Manager] %LIKE% Operator for guarantee date is not working
[Bug][Report-Manager] SQL query is wrongly created when using Assigned workstation -> Parent object
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager - Query for runtime not built correctly
[Bug][Report-Manager] Exported SQL-based report can not be imported without an error
[Bug][Admincenter] i-doit tries to check the hashed password as plaintext
[Bug][Search] Exception error when creating fc ports
[Bug][Lists] Expiration date in certificates does not sort correctly
[Bug][List editing] Up/Down scrollbar is not anchored in list edit
[Bug][List editing] List edit - Software assignment is not updated via list overview
[Bug][API] API-Examples displays object as string
[Bug][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] Using "clear-credentials" command deletes user name