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Changelog 26#

[Task][Code (Internal)] Security - Path traversal
[Task][Code (Internal)] Security - Stored XSS
[Task][Code (Internal)] Integrate/Reintegrate static php code analysis tools to identify logical errors
[Task][Console] Remove old 'controller' code in favor of 'Commands'
[Task][Console] Remove usages of old 'interfaces'
[Improvement][Code (Internal)] PHP 8.1 Compatibility
[Bug][JDisc] Exported JDisc profile should have the title in its filename
[Bug][JDisc] Error when importing logbook with jdisc
[Bug][JDisc] Do not remove export/import buttons when deleting jdisc profile
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Allow user to update custom object types
[Bug][Code (Internal)] XSS Javascript vulnerability
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Allow user to change custom category attributes
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Update description length validation
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Formfactor in overview causes data sanitation warning when empty
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Correct re-direction of quicklinks in dashboard
[Bug][Code (Internal)] LC__UNIVERSAL__MONTS is displayed for Month value in Accounting > Remainder warranty
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Set default Objecttype sorting to Alphabetically
[Bug][Code (Internal)] "Remainder warranty" not translating "months" properly from language constant
[Bug][Code (Internal)] 404 Error when opening notifications menu
[Bug][Code (Internal)] i-doit is misspelled in Administration > tenant management > Rights & Directories
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Wrong translation for hash for CSV-export delimiter
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Exported Filename is FQFN when downloading file in object picture category
[Bug][Code (Internal)] The filemanager can no longer download specific files
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Set database without overwriting service
[Bug][Custom categories] Key constraint fails when detaching a contact in a custom category with a object relation field
[Bug][System settings] Make MySQL 8.0 compatible in the gui
[Bug][API] cmdb.category.purge does not work with C__CATG__LOCATION
[Bug][Categories] Variable report on overview page causes 500 error
[Bug][Categories] Rearranging racks is not possible when scrolling down
[Bug][Categories] Path to save is deleted when editing from Backup (assigned Objects)
[Bug][Categories] If entries in subcategory DBMS from category databases are archived the corresponding entries in the software assignment category are not being archived
[Bug][Categories] Saving of MedTec category produces "CSRF-Mismatch" error
[Bug][Categories] 500 Error when adding variable report to overview page of an object [Bug][Categories] Wrong versions are loaded when multiple Operating systems are assigned [Bug][Categories] Change property type of category "Telphone/Fax" from Dialog to Dialog Plus
[Bug][LDAP] OpenLDAP search for groups in OU is overwritten by search for users in OU
[Bug][LDAP] Allow user to check LDAP connection when editing via list table
[Bug][Logbook] The Primary attribute in Contact assignment is not written to the logbook
[Bug][Logbook] Multiple entries in Logbook when adding/changing assignments in category "group memberships"
[Bug][Admincenter] Support button in Admin Center leads to customer portal
[Bug][CSV Import] The csv import takes a long time because the location fix is executed
[Bug][CSV Import] Date field from custom categories not displayed in mapping of csv import
[Bug][CMDB] Placeholder helper does not display object specific placeholders when category is not saved
[Bug][CMDB] The user is not able to create a "Software assignment" without filling in the "Installed at" field
[Bug][CMDB] CSRF Error while saving custom category
[Bug][Lists] Allow user to filter for custom date fields
[Bug][Application Redesign] Rights for locations not readable
[Bug][Templates] using a template with categorie password with a empty password prevents objects to be created from the template
[Bug][List editing] Do not replace version/variant with -1 when software assignment is updated
[Bug][i-doit Licensing 2.0] A Buyers license is not displayed with no expiration date