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Changelog 27#

[Task][Application Redesign] Redesign the login page
[Task][Code (Internal)] Remove 'logical-location-handling' setting, refer to 'Relocate CI' add-on
[Task][Code (Internal)] Update ACE Editor
[Task][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] Description for import-jdisc --regenerateSearchIndex is missing
[Task][JDisc] Improve JDisc communication
[Task][Single Sign On (SSO)] Implement new expert setting + login logic for SSO
[Task][Update] Add information about planned deprecation of PHP 7.4 to setup and update procedure
[Improvement][Category folders] Implement category folders feature
[Improvement][JDisc] Create mapping between i-doit objects and category entries and JDISC data
[Improvement][JDisc] Format the object title text (lowercase / uppercase)
[Improvement][JDisc] Add Serial number as Identification of the device for JDisc Discovery
[Improvement][JDisc] Import panel size of monitors / Importiere die Panelgröße von Monitoren
[Improvement][Logbook] Option to decide, whether logbook entries are removed or untouched when an object is purged
[Improvement][Categories] Improve process to set an empty password
[Improvement][CMDB-Explorer] Group object types in CMDB-Explorer
[Bug][Validation] No validation error when duplicating
[Bug][Validation] Setting status of service type entries to archived or deleted makes entries invisible and none selectable
[Bug][Notifications] The User is not able to create notification settings
[Bug][Categories] Categories selected for 'categories on the overview' get automatically filled when creating a new object or template
[Bug][Categories] Default gateway overwritten when duplicating object
[Bug][Categories] Assigning a software via software assignment before assigning a operating system causes version number to disappear
[Bug][Categories] Placeholder %OBJTITLE% is not working in category accounting > Inventory number via Template
[Bug][Categories] SQL Error when creating more than 16 model entries
[Bug][Categories] Model not displayed when creating more than 16 objects without saving the object afterwards
[Bug][Categories] Multiple operating systems at software assignment causes weird behavior at version numbers from operating systems category
[Bug][Custom categories] Changing technical keys to only contain words causes entries to lose the values when filled with API (Dialog+)
[Bug][Custom categories] Disconnecting relation in custom category causes sql error
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Uninstalling add-ons over admin-center does not work if user is also logged into i-doit
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Adjust naming of network interface category
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Can't save counter with # format
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Saving a long link as a bookmark in the bookmark widget removes edit and remove button
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Add relationship menu item to extras menu
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Wrong attribute name while reading through API
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Do not add spaces to custom multiline text fields
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Installation of incompatible add-on does not throw an error
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Translate deselect button again
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Do not display an empty Extras menu if the user does not have the right to do so
[Bug][i-doit Login] Display error message when a user logs in with incorrect credentials
[Bug][System settings] Open calendar picker when calendar input field is focused
[Bug][System settings] LDAP Debug log is only available in System settings (Admin Center)
[Bug][LDAP] Ldap-sync creates a duplicated logbook entries for a archived user
[Bug][LDAP] Group Assignment is not removed for LDAP Users if the user was moved to another LDAP group
[Bug][LDAP] Administration > Import and interfaces > LDAP > Attribute extension cannot be saved
[Bug][Logbook] If a change in the administration with "logbook commentary" is saved a missleading information tells that a loogbook entry has been created.
[Bug][API] Creating and setting a Dialog entry with a String which is only a number is not logged
[Bug][API] PHP Error when posting a API request without installed i-doit pro add-on API
[Bug][List editing] Software not displayed in list view when assigned via list edit
[Bug][List editing] Adding a new model in list edit causes database error
[Bug][List editing] Assignment categories not editable in list edit
[Bug][List editing] Allow user to add dialog+ values in list edit
[Bug][CMDB] Trying to save a Database Installation twice leads to an error
[Bug][CMDB] SQL error in report manager for DBMS> database installation categories
[Bug][CMDB] Edit button in IP-List should be hidden
[Bug][CMDB] Setting "show primary entry only" for a master object (custom category) gives HTTP 500 Error at preview
[Bug][CMDB] SQL error after double update of DBMS installation
[Bug][New cabling logic] Cabling Browser shows wrong assignment of input and output
[Bug][Report-Manager] Using software assignment in reports causes wrong number of matches
[Bug][Report-Manager] DNS Server is not shown in a report even though it is set in a Layer-3 Net
[Bug][Report-Manager] Assigned workstation-> Parent Object not working in report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report does not display all possible results
[Bug][Report-Manager] CSV export of reports with grouped multivalue presentation may contain a lot of empty rows
[Bug][Report-Manager] Operators missing for accounting>date of invoice
[Bug][H-Inventory] Importing H-Inventory xml file displays error message
[Bug][Connector cabling] Cabling browser does not display ports correctly
[Bug][CSV Import] Attaching files via CSV Import ends with error message
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Export of report inserts constant instead of entry
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import of Multi Value Category Data does not work correctly over the console.php
[Bug][CSV Import] Database error when importing via csv
[Bug][Update] Updating from 24 to 25 sets the Monetary format to NULL for all Users
[Bug][Lists] List view for multi value entries is not checking columns
[Bug][Lists] SQL error when filtering in object type switch chassis for Device assignment (Slots)
[Bug][Lists] Show X entries in the object list is not persistent
[Bug][Lists] List view config missing when editing
[Bug][Lists] Can't move attributes in list view for categories
[Bug][Lists] List filter in object type configuration does not reset
[Bug][Lists] Option "default filter filters within all fields" causes date warning
[Bug][Dashboard] adding "cluster service assignment" attributes to the "object information list" widget at the dashboard gives error
[Bug][Dashboard] Use correct links in quicklaunch widget
[Bug][Search] Filtering for date fields in list overview not working
[Bug][Templates] Contact assignment in templates not working for JDisc Imports
[Bug][JDisc] FC-Ports are not completely imported via JDisc import
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc import via console stops with error
[Bug][JDisc] Importing JDisc profile displays foreign key constraint error message
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc import with "Only create newly scanned devices" import mode creates duplicates
[Bug][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] sync-dynamic-groups command using wrong database table
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] Language constants are displayed in the object info of the cmdb explorer
[Bug][i-doit Licensing 2.0] License expiration countdown is not displayed on the dashboard
[Bug][Authorization system] If "Location and all physically assigned objects" is used as a right the overview page can be seen although it is not authorized
[Bug][Relations] Function to clear the password of users has no effect
[Bug][Single Sign On (SSO)] Language of default tenant overwrites languages of other tenants