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Changelog 30#

[Task][Update] i-doit 30 is only updateable from i-doit 29
[Task][Two-Factor Authentication] Make TFA only available in i-doit pro
[Task][Code (Internal)] Replace all places where the old replace_placeholder method is being used with the new Replacer Component
[Task][Code (Internal)] Deprecate WYSIWYG Smarty plugin parameter "p_image_upload_handler", please use "fileUploadUrl"
[Task][Code (Internal)] Deprecate WYSIWYG Smarty plugin parameter "p_image_browser_handler", please use "fileBrowseUrl"
[Task][Code (Internal)] Update WYSIWYG editor to use proper upload and browse URLs
[Task][CMDB] Restructure nested 'Extras' menu
[Task][Console] Add additional way to perform i-doit update with admin center credentials
[Task][Validation] Add checkbox to attribute settings to delete multiple attributes at once
[Task][CMDB settings] Make object type sorting alphabetically for new installations
[Task][License installation (i-doit)] Notification when license is successfully installed
[Improvement][Code (Internal)] Support MariaDB 10.11
[Improvement][CMDB] Add object type to list of "Assigned Objects (person groups)" (in Organization)
[Improvement][Validation] Create a configuration page to combine validation and attribute visibility
[Improvement][JDisc] JDisc - AccessPoint Filter
[Improvement][JDisc] Import of power state from JDisc
[Improvement][JDisc] Ignore default MAC addresses
[Improvement][JDisc] More information about the reason for a failed connection to the JDisc Server
[Bug][Lists] Date field info when searching with all field option
[Bug][Lists] Filter for reports is not properly removed
[Bug][Lists] Cannot edit list view for assigned clusters
[Bug][Report-Manager] Dates in reports are not sorted correct for german language
[Bug][Report-Manager] Using != operator for dialog+ fields does not include empty(Null) objects
[Bug][Report-Manager] 500error when selecting certain report in object browser
[Bug][Report-Manager] Location path LIKE %...% not working correctly
[Bug][Report-Manager] CSV or TXT file from report displaying breaks
[Bug][Report-Manager] Duplicating reports causes umlaut at title to be displayed as HTML
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report for contact assignment shows 0 matches but actually has matches
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager - Service Relation (description) causes sql error
[Bug][Report-Manager] Templates are not displayed when the for e.g. Nagios Add-on is installed
[Bug][Report-Manager] The encoding of umlauts are displayed in report titles at the database
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Counter are not counting
[Bug][Code (Internal)] After importing a custom language a login is no longer possible
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Object type icons are not loaded
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Wrong date format popup is displayed for every date attribute in the object list
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Installing an add-on displays a unhelpful error message when the rights are not set correct
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Date of change not updated for contact assignment(role/primary)
[Bug][Code (Internal)] FQDN Objekt Matching Key finds duplicate entries
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Javascript rounding error in 'Memory' category
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Existing templates takes a long time to load
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Wiki-URL icon messes up field width at accounting
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Correctly display changed logbook values
[Bug][API] SQL error when reading dialog via API
[Bug][API] Enable user to fill custom dialog+ fields via push api
[Bug][API] When using cmdb.dialog.read for category = C__CATG__IP and property = zone, one level too much and a empty entry is output
[Bug][API] Do not re-create already existing multi dialog+ values
[Bug][CMDB] Properties "Size" and "Max size" in category "Databases" contain unrounded values
[Bug][CMDB] Saving tags in the general category via api does not create a logbook entry
[Bug][CMDB] Segmented slots are not displayed correctly in the rack
[Bug][CMDB] Segment does not provide slots for the back
[Bug][CMDB] Syntax error when loading a ip network in the host address category
[Bug][CMDB] Saving ip address with space at the end api
[Bug][CMDB] Creating CPU with frequency 3.5 and no unit via API leads to wrong data
[Bug][CMDB] Allow user to access person group objects
[Bug][CMDB] The end of a contract field can not be emptied
[Bug][CMDB] Cluster service assignment throws TypeError
[Bug][CMDB] It is not possible to save memory values above 90.95 TB
[Bug][CMDB] Network - Port entries are not displayed on overview page
[Bug][CMDB] Category 'Certificate' does not use labels
[Bug][Security] Cache rights after a change
[Bug][CSV Import] Assigning a Layer 3-Net to a Layer 2 Net via Layer-3-net assignment leads to general error
[Bug][CSV Import] Setting "Multi-valued categories" to row for CSV Import causes some data to not get imported
[Bug][CSV Import] Umlauts and special characters are not processed correctly in the csv export of the list view when in the description field
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV-Import does not count objects correctly
[Bug][System settings] The expert settings show some internal settings
[Bug][LDAP] Cant login via ldap when ldap.default-group has a string value
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP sync groupsynchronisation fills up log without any changes
[Bug][LDAP] Import_rooms via ldap-sync does not work with camelCase
[Bug][JDisc] Import objects from JDisc objects via file with IPv6 addresses
[Bug][JDisc] Importing a JDisc profile leads to foreign key constraint fails error message which is not logged
[Bug][JDisc] Import does not include all IPv4 addresses when Import type for DHCP IP addresses is set to with update
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc mapping error
[Bug][JDisc] default cmdb status is not set during jdisc import
[Bug][JDisc] JDISC Profile Setting "Include Clusters" does have no affect
[Bug][Import] A duplicate is created despite the error message from validation
[Bug][Import] XML Import runs into php error
[Bug][Custom categories] Custom categories are viewed as empty in the category tree when newly filled and when hide button is active
[Bug][Custom categories] Show html code from html editor correctly
[Bug][Validation] Textarea in 'Address' category can not save multiline content
[Bug][Validation] Categories and attributes missing for cluster when hiding attributes
[Bug][Validation] Do not allow user to resize attribute settings table
[Bug][Validation] Validate entries for standard LDAP group -> Only numbers and commas
[Bug][Validation] Reset attribute settings filter correctly
[Bug][Console] PHP error when command configuration is malformed
[Bug][Console] Adjust result status of tenant creation command
[Bug][Notifications] Some placeholder not working in notifications
[Bug][Notifications] Use default value if setSortDirection is not set
[Bug][List editing] TypeError when list editing objects
[Bug][QR-Codes] Using report for a QR Code template not possible at object browser
[Bug][QR-Codes] HTML in QR-Code templates not saved
[Bug][Categories] There are two Specific categories Installation available
[Bug][Categories] Rename category "Chassis cabeling" to "Chassis cabling"
[Bug][Categories] Rename category and folder "Database hierachy" to "Database hierarchy"
[Bug][CMDB settings] Allow user to use breadcrumb when editing object types
[Bug][CMDB settings] The description of "Display passwords" setting is incorrect
[Bug][Templates] Mass change template information can be dragged vertically
[Bug][Dashboard] Info popups when removing widgets is not going away
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] Image file in the CMDB-Explorer is not loaded