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Changelog 31#

[Task][Import] Improve CSV-Import to not block the current user-session
[Task][Code (Internal)] Allow API parameters to have multiple types
[Task][JDisc] Refactor "Data source" usage in JDisc code
[Task][JDisc] Create a tooltip info for importing connection endpoints
[Task][CMDB] Rename Remainder warranty to Remaining warranty
[Improvement][LDAP] Insert ldap filter directly
[Bug][CMDB] Using a custom counter with N digits does not create N digits
[Bug][CMDB] The "Relations" item is missing in updated extras menu
[Bug][CMDB] Specific category organization can not be removed from overview page
[Bug][CMDB] Linking the same object to two different Remote Management Controller via Managed devices leads to SQL error
[Bug][CMDB] Sub-locations remain hidden when user lacks view rights for intermediate location nodes
[Bug][Report-Manager] Cable connections are not displayed in reports
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report import not possible
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager - Runtime displaying wrong operators
[Bug][Report-Manager] 500 error code when importing demo reports into i-doit
[Bug][Report-Manager] Cluster service assignment attributes are not selectable at report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report with attributes from Persons category causes error
[Bug][LDAP] Empty LDAP attribute extension title sets the unique attribute empty
[Bug][Permission system] Person without rights can view object lists when using direct link
[Bug][Permission system] Update user permissions placeholder for CMDB > Objects with assigned role in contact assignment
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc discovery needs IP address for matching
[Bug][JDisc] Using log level 'less' creates no log level for JDisc imports
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc matches non existent object id
[Bug][JDisc] Serial number is displayed without using GraphQL
[Bug][JDisc] Allow user to delete multiple jdisc servers at once
[Bug][JDisc] Clean up and refactor the "Data source" category
[Bug][JDisc] Do not always show tooltips when removing matching row of jdisc profile
[Bug][License installation (i-doit)] Error message when saving license and tenant is not existent
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Make username field unique
[Bug][Code (Internal)] TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'tagName')
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Error message when installing without database connection is incomprehensible
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Wrong subquery for attribute 'remote management controller' causes error at list view
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Wiki button is not working properly for list view
[Bug][Validation] Do not save empty category entries in case of validation errors
[Bug][Update] i-doit 29 is displaying i-doit 28 is newer version to download
[Bug][Console] Console command description wrong or typo
[Bug][Lists] Your given configuration is malformed
[Bug][Lists] When filtering 'net with suffix' no results are displayed
[Bug][Lists] Typerror shown when accessing file versions category list
[Bug][Lists] Filtering a string for attribute location also filter for attribute location path
[Bug][CMDB settings] Can't hide description of cluster
[Bug][Notifications] Saving notifications displays no saving message and stays in editor window
[Bug][CSV Import] Skip empty contact fields during csv import
[Bug][Import] Format xml import log correctly