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Release Notes 1.19#

We're happy to announce our latest major version 1.19 of i-doit pro. This release is a very important step in the development of i-doit. See the changelog for a complete list of changes. We encourage you to update to this release as soon as possible.

Highlights in this release#

  • A complete redesign of the i-doit frontend to improve the user experience.
  • Added compatibility for PHP 8.0.
  • New configuration to create custom translations and custom languages.
  • Setting to define a default language for newly created users.
  • New configuration to hide attributes from categories and/or overview pages.
  • Option to log the last login of a user.
  • Export for reports which have been created via query builder.


The New Add-on Versions require i-doit >= 1.19

Alongside i-doit pro 1.19, we will also release new versions of the following add-ons, which need to be updated afterwards to be compatible with PHP 8.0 and the new design:

Important update notes#

  • With i-doit pro 1.19, PHP 7.3 is no longer supported. Please ensure to upgrade to PHP 7.4 first before updating to i-doit pro 1.19. Do not upgrade to PHP 8.0 as long as you are using i-doit pro < 1.19. After the update of i-doit pro 1.19, you are free to upgrade PHP to 8.0 which is also highly recommended.

  • Before activating the feature to log the last login of a user, please check whether this is compatible with the data protection agreements of your company and country. Contact your data privacy expert first if you are not sure about this.

  • If you want to use the new icons for object types after updating to i-doit pro 1.19, you can activate them manually in your i-doit administration under System tools > Cache / Database.

  • The following Partner Add-ons need to be updated before the i-doit 1.19 update (If these version requirements are not matched, the i-doit update cannot be performed):

    • ISMS needs to be updated to version 1.5.2 or higher
    • VIVA 2 needs to be updated to version 3.2.1 or higher
    • Privacy needs to be updated to version 1.1 or higher
    • Label needs to be updated to version 0.5or higher
    • Disposal needs to be updated to version 1.1.2 or higher
    • Inheritance needs to be updated to version 1.3.7 or higher

System requirements#

Please check that your system matches the system requirements before updating your instance to i-doit pro 1.19. Please also check that you have created a backup of all your data and all add-ons are up-to-date.