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Release Notes 25#

We’re happy to announce i-doit pro 25. With the latest version we release the next big change to improve i-doit’s interface: A complete rework of the i-doit Administration. The structure will help long term users and new users alike to navigate to the desired configuration with ease. We also added a search function for this menu structure. Furthermore, settings that affect the whole installation (and not only the current tenant) have been moved to the Admin Center.

We encourage you to update to this release as soon as possible to benefit from all these contents.

Highlights in this release#

  • MySQL 8.0 is officially supported with i-doit 25.
  • Improved structure for the i-doit pro Administration.
  • Added a search bar for the menu of the i-doit pro Administration.
  • Migrated general system settings to the i-doit pro Admin Center.
  • New Add-on menu in the top bar for easier access to your i-doit pro Add-ons.
  • Definition of custom attribute keys for custom categories.

Please check the changelog for further details.


Together with i-doit pro 25, we also provide a new version of the add-ons API and Documents which contain many bugfixes to improve the user experience. To use the latest version of these add-ons, please make sure to update to i-doit pro 25, which is required.