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Release Notes 27#

We're happy to announce i-doit pro 27. This release of 2023's autumn will add features to i-doit pro that have been highly awaited and help you to efficiently use your documentation.

We first planned to make folders available for custom categories. Over the course of the development we decided to make this configuration available for all categories - even the folders that already exist by default. Alongside this feature, we also added a simple way to clear user passwords if needed and some improvements for our JDisc interface. Furthermore, you can now decide whether logbook entries related to purged content are kept or removed when you perform the purge process. Lastly, we prepared our Add-ons for future compatibility and made sure uploads of your custom content now get their own designated folder.

We encourage you to update to this release as soon as possible to benefit from all of these improvements.

Highlights in this release#

  • Configure your own folders for all categories
  • Simple way to clear passwords of users in category "Login"
  • Configuration for the handling of logbook entries from purged content
  • Multiple improvements to the JDisc import
  • Add-on compatibility adjustments


As mentioned above, we also release new versions of our Add-ons to improve the handling of custom uploaded and saved content. After updating i-doit to version 27, you should also update the following Add-ons if used: