Share information between i-doit and Check_MK


i-doit is a Web application for IT documentation and a CMDB (Configuration Management Database). This application is very useful to collect all your knowledge about the IT infrastructure you are dealing with.

Check_MK is a software application for network monitoring.

Together both applications do one job very well: collecting and sharing knowledge about what is the current state of all your hosts and services in real-time and in which state each host and service should be. This is often essential for a professional and efficient IT service management (ITSM).

The application idoitcmk closely connects i-doit with Check_MK. A lot of information will be shared between them to reach the following goals:

  • Write-once, read-many: Keep your documentation and configuration at one place.
  • Easily compare the current state with the target state of all your hosts and services within your documentation.
  • Configure your network monitoring based on your documentation
  • Let your network monitoring collect essential information about hosts and re-use it in your documentation.
  • Automate all the boring tasks a sysadmin doesn’t like.

We know each (IT) organization has different requirements and various processes. Due to this it is important to have a highly customizable application.