In order to use i-doit pro, a license has to be purchased and installed.

The licenses for your company are available at the customer portal. Access is given to the person who is stated as the primary contact person.

Pre i-doit 1.12.2 behavior

Multiple types of licenses are available for i-doit pro:

  • The subscription license for each single tenant (including trial licenses)
    You can either load a subscription license via the
    Admin center or via Manage → Manage license.
  • The subscription license for multiple tenants
    If you wish to use one subscription license for multiple tenants, you can only install this via the Admin center.
  • The buy license for single or multiple tenants
    The installation for both types is also carried out via the Admin center.

Name of the database

When creating a license for a single tenant, the name of the database is required. Please make sure that the name is available to you when creating the license in our customer portal

Licenses have a certain period of time during which they are valid. If the period expires a new license is required.

New log-in may be required

When a license was installed successfully and you want to work with i-doit, it may be the case that you nevertheless receive the information that no valid license is activated. You can correct the situation by logging off and then logging in again with the current user. Afterwards, this note should not reappear.

Installation via the Admin-Center

After logging in, the installation via the Admin center is carried out in the Licences tab. Use the button Install new licence to open the expanded dialogue and select the downloaded License file.

Automatic license distribution

Please note that in the Tenants tab you can configure how many object licenses can be assigned to a client. Even if only a single client exists, a switched off automatic license distribution can ensure that not all object licenses are used. If this is the case, it can simply be activated and applied with a click on save.

Trial Licenses

You can apply for a license to test i-doit pro for 30-days on our website.

Name of the test database

The trial license is always issued for the database name idoit_data. To guarantee a flawless function during the trial period, you may not change the name of the database during the installation!