When saving in the Location category an error message appears:

CMDB Error: Database error : Query error: 'UPDATE isys_catg_location_list SET isys_catg_location_list__rgt = isys_catg_location_list__rgt + -4294967294 WHERE isys_catg_location_list__rgt > -1': BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range in '(`idoit_data`.`isys_catg_location_list`.`isys_catg_location_list__rgt` + -(4294967294))'

The exact wording can be slightly different. The result however is always the same: The location assignment is not saved.


This problem can be caused by creating too many automated location assignments (e.g. via a data import). The solution for this is to click the Correction of locations button at Administration → Systemtools → Cache / Database → Database. Afterwards the creation and editing of location assignments is possible again.