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Technical user documentation, CMDB and ITSM tool integration using i-doit#

By choosing i-doit, you've selected a solution that you can tailor to your individual documentation needs. At the same time, our knowledge base provides you with everything you need to know about i-doit - both for new users starting out, as well as for professional use of the software.

This knowledge base should help you to gain a quick understanding of the software. Please pay particular attention to the setup and to populating the CMDB as this is the central element for managing ICT environments. Equally, the CMDB is the basis for integrating data from other ITSM tools, for instance, for inventory, monitoring or ticketing.

How you benefit: i-doit, acting as both mediator and director of the ITIL discipline, ensures that the specialised tools transfer your data and give you an increasingly closed view of your ITSM.

We trust that this knowledge base can help to clarify some of your open questions and make your workflow with the programme still simpler and more useful, so that you will quickly be able to apply the functions that are most useful for your particular needs.

Naturally, we welcome any feedback. The continuing development of a professional IT documentation system, of course, depends on requests and requirements from "out in the field", where it is used on a daily basis. We welcome your feedback to:

We wish you a successful start with i-doit.

Kind regards from Düsseldorf
Your i-doit team