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Email (SMTP)#

i-doit is capable of sending e-mails automatically in the case of specific events or states.


The configuration is essential when the i-doit controller (CLI) is used with the notifications or workflows. Otherwise no e-mails can be sent!

The integration of a mail server is possible in the Administration under System settings. A configuration mask with the following fields is available there:

Field Description
SMTP Host Name of the host or the IP address of the mail server.
SMTP Port 25 is the standard port. The port has to be changed accordingly for an encrypted connection or deviating configuration.
Sender Sending e-mail address for e-mail dispatch
Name Sender name for e-mail dispatch
Timeout Timeout for e-mail dispatch
SMTP Debug It is often helpful to activate the debugging function for the initial setup. The log is deposited in the log/ folder of the i-doit main folder.

(default: No)
Subject Präfix Optional entry for a better support of automation based on e-mail client rules.
Notification template for maintenance contract This template was used in a previous version and is not needed anymore in the current i-doit versions.

In current versions, this template can be configured in the Notifications system in the Extras section.
Notification template for lost password An artifact from an earlier version lacking any function, can be ignored.