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Custom Counter#

All configured counters are displayed here in a list.
Counters can be added via the Add counter button.

You are also able to reset a counter to 1 with the Reset button.
Also you can delete a counter with the Delete button.

All counters are also available/usable in list edit, mass change, templates and automatically generated inventory number from object type configuration. In addition, the counters can also be used with text fields of custom categories.
For example for the "Title" attribute in the "General" category. It is entered manually in the corresponding field. Each time the counter is used, it is incremented by 1.

Creating a custom counter#

After a counter has been added, it must be given its own title. The %COUNTER_ text is not editable.
A complete counter looks e.g. like this %COUNTER_CUSTOMTEXT%. A saved counter is not editable anymore.

Set leading zeros#

If you need leading zeros use them in a template or while creating a new Object. To use leading zeros you need to add #N to the counter while creating a object.

If you create a Client which title should be like Client_00001 you need to insert Client_%COUNTER_CLIENTS#5% as title.

Set starting number#

However, if the counter is intended to start at 125 instead of 1, then you need to alter the created counter in the expert settings of the tenant.
Open the expert settings and search for cmdb.counter, you will find your counter also by name if you counter is called %COUNTER_CLIENT% than the name is cmdb.counter.counter_client.
Now alter the value to the desired starting number and hit the save button.