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Navigation and Filtering#

It's no big deal to navigate through an object list and search for specific objects. And yet it's worth taking a closer look.

object list

Longer object lists are distributed over several pages through which you can navigate specifically. With the ... button you can enter a particular page.

For each user you can determine how many objects per page you want to display. Additionally, you can skip this setting via a drop-down menu and thus display 50, 100 or even all objects on one page.

Keyboard commands

You can operate the object list with your keyboard with the following commands:

Key Action
Down Jump to the next line
Up Jump to the previous line
Space key Select an object, i.e. select the respective checkbox
Shift+space key Select an area of objects

You can also use the shift key in combination with the left mouse button to select an area of objects.

Keyboard commands


You can filter the lines of an object list by attributes. One of the displayed attributes is intended for the default filter. You can start filtering directly; search suggestions are generated when you enter at least 3 characters. When you select one of these suggestions, the object is loaded directly instead of filtering the list.

Additionally, you can filter for several attributes simultaneously via drop-down menu (And-operation). Confirm the filter by clicking the Filter button. The selected filter is also displayed in a text bar. You can reset the filter with the respective button.


You can pre-filter the object list already during loading.

Additional Functions#

Additional functions can be accessed via the navigation and filter bar:

Icon Function
fullscreen-window-filled. Fit the column list to screen
separator-vertical-filled Restore default colimn width
gear Configuration of the list view.