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Example of CSV import - Licenses#

In this example we build on the CSV import of applications and want to import licenses.

This article was last checked for i-doit version 1.17.2

For the import we need the following information:

  • Object type → what type of object it should be.
  • Object title → the name of the client
  • License Assignment: License Key - License Type → Which license type will be imported, single or volume?
  • License Assignment: License Key - Number → What is the number of licenses?
  • License Assignment: License Key - Key → What is the license key?
  • License assignment: License key - Serial number → Which serial number should be assigned?
  • License assignment: License key - Start date → From when can the license be used?
  • License assignment: License key - Expiration date → When does the license expire?
  • License assignment: License key - Unit price → What does a license cost?

With each import, the representation of the data must also be taken into account.

For example:


Dialog titles in English are expected, for example: single-license.
Here the date format YYYY-MM-DD (2021-11-26) is expected.
And the numeric format: X,XXX,XX (1,111.11), because the comma is set by i-doit we only insert values like 12999.99.

Example CSV file for this import:


Import Licenses.csv
Object type;Object title;Licenses: License keys > License Type (Dialog);Licenses: License keys > Amount;Licenses: License keys > Key;Licenses: License keys > Serial;Licenses: License keys > Start Date (Date);Licenses: License keys > Expiration Date (Date);Licenses: License keys > Price Per Unit (Money)
C__OBJTYPE__LICENCE;License-X;Volume license;1000;License-X-111-LASKDZHW;123456789;2021-01-01;2021-12-31;999.9
C__OBJTYPE__LICENCE;License-Y;Single license;1;License-Y-211-OIHUASFD;1123456789;2021-06-01;2021-12-31;1399.9
C__OBJTYPE__LICENCE;License-Z;Volume license,Volume license;100,50;License-Z-311-IGUHOPSD,License-Z-322-IUHGASD;11123456789,11223456789;2021-01-01,2021-05-01;2021-12-31,2021-04-30;10200.9,500.9

No dependencies are assumed for this import.

For the import we go back to the CSV import area. We set "Multi-valued categories" to "Comma-separated".


Now we can make the import configuration in the lower area as follows and then start the import process::


If you have done everything correctly, the licenses will now appear in the list view.


Also, the License Assignment and License Assignment: License Key categories are filled.