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The Cabling add-on gives you a detailed display of cabling. Whether you want to trace a cable route or print patch jobs.

Download and installation#

This add-on can be installed later. Detailed descriptions regarding download, installation, updates, etc. are provided in the "Add-ons" article.


A technical configuration of the add-on is not necessary after installation.
If the cabling view should always be opened directly, this can be configured under Administration → User settings → System settings.
The cabling view can also be opened via the category Cabling in objects.

Rights assignment#

Under Administration → Authorization system → Rights → Cabling view, rights for persons and groups of persons can be adjusted.

Rights assignment


After installing and configuring the rights, the add-on is available under Extras → CMDB → Cabling View.



Version Date Changelog
1.4 2024-02-27 [Task] PHP 8.2 compatibility, cleaned up color usage
1.3 2023-11-07 [Bug] Setting to display cable names is not saved.
[Bug] Highlight 'add-on' instead of 'extras' menu
[Bug] Overlap objects in the wiring view
1.2 2022-09-05 [Task] PHP 8.0 Compatibility
[Task] Design Compatibility
1.1.1 [Bug] Connections are not shown in add-on "cabling"
1.1 2022-02-21 [Improvement] Improve export options
[Bug] Remove "print" button in the CMDB-Explorer
[Bug] Visualization of cabling pathts, connecting an object with itself (two ports)
[Bug] Sorting of connections in the wiring view is confusing
[Bug] The visualization object browser should only provide objects that contain wiring
1.0.4 2019-05-20 [Bug] Wrong sorting of cabling
[Bug] Incorrect display of vitrification in IE11
1.0.3 2018-12-18 [Bug] Error prevents creation of PDF documents when using SSL
[Bug] Images won't be displayed
1.0.2 2017-12-18 [Improvement] Cabling Printview
[Improvement] Add the cabling browser as function
[Improvement] Changing the connector types will now be documented
[Improvement] Display the object that is about to be exported
[Bug] PDF export does not work when an other object than the root object is selected