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checkmk 2: First steps#

You are new to this topic and want to integrate both checkmk and i-doit? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Meet all requirements
  2. Download and install the add-on package with the built-in command-line tool idoitcmk
  3. Make sure checkmk and i-doit can be accessed by their APIs
  4. Create your own configuration:

    idoitcmk init (read more)

  5. Try some basic commands

  6. Sync some basic information between checkmk and i-doit:

    idoitcmk sync-agents (read more)

    idoitcmk sync-contact-groups (read more)

    idoitcmk sync-folders (read more)

    idoitcmk sync-sites (read more)

    idoitcmk sync-tags (read more)

  7. Either configure checkmk based on i-doit:

    idoitcmk push (read more)

  8. Or fetch useful information about your infrastructure from checkmk to i-doit:

    idoitcmk pull (read more)

  9. Automate all the things!

Any questions? Read our FAQ