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checkmk 2: Generate WATO configuration based on CMDB data#

i-doit provides detailed information about your IT infrastructure including all your hosts. Those hosts can be shared with Check_MK so you only have to document/configure your hosts once. To push these hosts to checkmk run:

idoitcmk push

Keep in mind that objects must be marked within i-doit to be exported to Check_MK. Check category Check_MK Host first before executing this command.

Recommendation: Run this command every time you alter your CMDB data.


These options are available during runtime:

Option Required Description
--include-ids IDs No Filter i-doit objects by identifier
--include-title TITLE No Filter i-doit objects by title
--include-type TYPE No Filter i-doit objects by type

IDs means a comma-separated list of object identifiers.

TITLE means any object title including wildcards *, ? and [ae]. TITLE is case-insensitive. Repeat option to match more than one object title.

TYPE means the object type represented by its title, constant or identifier. Like TITLE wildcards are allowed and it is case-insensitive. Repeat option to match more than one object type.

Any combination of these filters are logically combined by or. For example, push all hosts with object IDs 1, 2 and 3 and all hosts that matches * in their titles:

idoitcmk push --include-ids 1,2,3 --include-title "*"


These configuration settings are available:

Key Type Required Default Description
objectTypes.contactGroup String No C__OBJTYPE__PERSON_GROUP Contact groups are marked by this type (use constant!)
push.activateChanges Boolean No false Activate all changes except foreign changes
push.autoMatching String No all Disable autoTagging (none), just look for the first match (first) or try to match all expressions (all)
push.autoSite Boolean No false In a multi-site environment each host is monitored by one site. With value location site can be identifed automatically by the object location path.
push.autoTagging Object No Add host tags dynamically based on object information that matches regular expressions; see section “Auto tagging”
push.bakeAgents Boolean No false Bake agents automatically; does not deploy agents
push.contactGroupIdentifier String No title Collect contact groups by their object titles (title) or by their LDAP DNs (ldap)
push.defaultWATOFolder String No Push hosts to this folder if not set; empty value means main folder
push.discoverServices Boolean No false Look for services on new/altered hosts
roles.monitoring String No Monitoring i-doit role for contact groups used in contact assignments