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checkmk 2: Installation#

After you’ve met the requirements download the latest stable version of the i-doit pro add-on from the i-doit customer portal.

Install the downloaded ZIP file like any other i-doit add-on.

Adding the checkmk 2 add-on categories#

The add-on additionally makes the "Checkmk Host" and "Checkmk Tags" category available for all object types. The category can be linked to the desired object types via the object type configuration and Edit data structure. In this way, only those object types appear that are specified by the user in order to keep the selection list clear.

Run idoitcmk where you want#

The ZIP file includes the binary idoitcmk which you can install on any other computer beneath the i-doit host. Make it executable and move it to a directory within your PATH so you can run it inside your terminal. For example, execute on a GNU/Linux or MacOS host:

unzip idoit-cmk2-*.zip
chmod 755 idoitcmk
sudo mv idoitcmk /usr/local/bin/

To be up-to-date you need to repeat those steps.

Run idoitcmk on the same host as i-doit#

On a GNU/Linux host the following steps are not quite different than the ones above. Make the binary executable and create a symbolic link to a directory within your PATH. In this example i-doit is installed at /var/www/html:

chmod 755 /var/www/html/idoitcmk
sudo ln -s /var/www/html/idoitcmk /usr/local/bin/

To be up-to-date you need to download and install the ZIP file.