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checkmk 2: Match objects from i-doit with hosts from checkmk#

Before running push or pull you like to take a deeper look how your infrastructure looks like in both tools i-doit and checkmk. The commands fetch-objects and fetch-hosts gives you detailed information about your documented objects in i-doit or your monitored hosts in checkmk. But both don’t match them against each other. This is done by the command match:

idoitcmk match

After comparing each object with each host some detailed reports will be printed:

  • Objects in i-doit which can be updated by hosts in checkmk
  • Hosts in checkmk which are not available as objects in i-doit
  • Hosts in checkmk which can be updated by objects in i-doit
  • Objects in i-doit which are not available as hosts in checkmk

None of your data will be altered.

If you increase verbosity this command will give you hints what to do next:

idoitcmk match -v