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checkmk 2: Sync contact groups#

Check_MK notifies contact groups on every event if properly configured. Within i-doit each contact group can be documented as an object. To share contact groups between both run:

idoitcmk sync-contact-groups

This command will generate new objects in i-doit based on Check_MK’s contact groups. Additionally, objects in i-doit can be used to generate new contact groups.

By default, contact groups are stored as person groups in i-doit. You can simply add person objects to those groups and assign the groups to any other objects with the category contact assignment and the role monitoring.

Recommendation: Run this command every time you add a new contact group in Check_MK or i-doit.


These configuration settings are available:

Key Type Required Default Description
objectTypes.contactGroup String No C__OBJTYPE__PERSON_GROUP Contact groups are marked by this type (use constant!)