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With the i-doit add-on "Documents", free text, text elements and contents of the documentation can be combined in templates to create complete documents. In this way, operating manuals, handover protocols, emergency plans and much more can be conveniently created and exported. These overviews make it easy to find, use and share the contents of the documentation.

The documentation of the add-on is divided into the following sections#

The preparation describes how to install and update the add-on. Also, all the configuration options are described in detail, so that the functions of the add-on can be used optimally.

Document templates are the central element on the basis of which documents are created. Here we describe how to create, edit and reuse these templates. All parameters of the templates, the possibilities of the WYSIWYG editor are discussed.

The integration of dynamic contents of the documentation is done with placeholders. All available placeholders and how to use them are described in detail here.

Created templates can be used to create documents for objects in the documentation. This section provides a description that goes into detail about creating, updating and exporting these documents.


Version Date Changelog
1.8 11.06.2024 [Task] Adjust Upload Image Response in Wysiwyg Controller
[Improvement] Seperate images of tenants
[Bug] It is not possible to add a master object attribute to a template
[Bug] Error when editing a document
[Bug] Can not delete images from server
[Bug] SQL error when preview a Online repository Documents template
1.7 2024-02-27 [Improvement] PHP 8.2 Compatibility
[Bug] Rights for all Documents needed to create a New entry in Document category
[Bug] Using pictures for background of a document with the same name, but different location overwrites one picture
[Bug] Exporting a document template that contains a svg image causes the image to break
[Bug] Opening online repository causes error when url is not reachable
1.6 2023-11-07 [Task] Clean up options from the documents add-on
[Improvement] Show info about "block-level" placeholders
[Improvement] Option to apply header and footer to selected parts of the document (Front page, ToC, content pages)
[Bug] Wrong description for "--export_folder" option of command "documents"
[Bug] New options for document template: Count pages from table of contents and/or cover page
[Bug] Fix styling of documents dashboard widget
1.5.2 2023-06-13 [Bug] Chapter have headlines in HTML even though beeing deactivated
[Bug] Deleting chapters in document templates not possible
[Bug] Previews of document templates are saved as actual document
[Bug] Benutzerdefiniertes Feld "Objekt Browser (Einfach)" soll nur den Objekttitel anzeigen
[Bug] Header and Footer are not present in HTML export
[Bug] Using reports inserts paragraphs
[Bug] Chapters are editable with view rights
[Bug] Only the second page is displayed in the title page
[Bug] Data from objects via "Workplace components" cannot be queried
[Bug] Automatic console.php export of all documents to a template
[Bug] Error message when previewing documents with logical location
[Bug] H2 headlines have very large line spacing
[Bug] 500 Error when using "console.document.compile" via API
[Bug] Console command CompileDocuments and documents are missing a description
1.5.1 2023-01-24 [Bug] Report placeholder does not apply the 'Grouped multivalue presentation' option
[Bug] Service assignment is not displayed in documents
[Bug] Empty row is displayed in a document
[Bug] Document categories with apostrophe break the tree navigation
[Bug] Deleting chapters not possible
1.5 2022-09-05 [Task] PHP 8.0 compatibility
[Task] Design Compatibility
1.4.5 2022-02-21 [Improvement] Navigation tree opens correctly when navigating document templates
[Bug] Custom fields in template available only after document creation
[Bug] Custom fields of the template are not available in the document category
[Bug] Chapter headings are exported differently
[Bug] Images cannot be aligned to the right
[Bug] Show last revision in list view generates an SQL error message
[Bug] Headers in the document are placed over the chapter text
[Bug] Report is not displayed in the document if it contains a location path
[Bug] Displaying room plans is not possible in the Documents add-on
[Bug] Documents can be assigned via the documents category even without rights
1.4.4 2021-08-09 [Bug] Customizable header size
[Bug] Option to start chapter on new page is ignored
[Bug] When saving the contents of a subchapter, new subchapters are always created
[Bug] External Object function does not work in the Documents Add on
[Bug] Permissions for the document add-on are incorrect (Save Template)
[Bug] Creating documents always shows warning, empty templates exist
[Bug] Output of the primary contact is not possible
[Bug] Main object can no longer be edited in the Documents add-on when the grid is disabled
[Bug] Nach dem Speichern einer Dokumentvorlage werden die Einstellungen auf der Registerkarte Optionen falsch angezeigt
[Bug] Chapters from other document templates are not referenced correctly
1.4.3 2021-01-18 [Improvement] Compatibility with i-doit 1.16
1.4.2 2020-10-20 [Bug] Permissions for the document add-on are incorrect (Save Template)
[Bug] Authorizations for the document add-on are incorrect (Templates Visible)
[Bug] Headers are only displayed on the first page
[Bug] Attributes of SIM cards assigned to mobile phones cannot be displayed
[Bug] The output of a yes/no field with nothing selected "-" is not correct
[Bug] New revision of a document cannot be created if the list has been filtered
1.4.1 2020-05-04 [Improvement] Create a document for multiple objects
[Improvement] Make floor plan available in the documents add-on
[Bug] Tables corruptedly displayed in PDF format
[Bug] The location path is displayed unsightly
[Bug] Selected attributes of master object are deleted when reopened
1.4 2019-12-06 [Improvement] The size of the headings cannot be adjusted.
[Improvement] Images cannot be displayed over the entire header line
[Improvement] Remove requirement for PHPs "bcmath" extension
[Improvement] IF Queries in User-Defined Categories
[Bug] Placeholder represents only sub-request with one recursion depth
[Bug] Output of the primary contact is not possible
[Bug] Doku: Assigned objects from emergency plan delivers only first object
[Bug] Archived contacts of the category "contact assignment" are output
[Bug] Document templates cannot be sorted by creation date/change date
[Bug] PDF documents do not display the formatting correctly
[Bug] Image in footer is displayed in different sizes
[Bug] Tables were not properly truncated when this goes over two pages
[Bug] lines are unnecessarily high/wide in HTML documents
1.3.3 2019-07-31 [Bug] Category "e-mail" description field no outpot in a table
[Bug] Placeholder for creation date/revision date also contains time of creation
[Bug] Export of enumerated fields from the wysiwyg editor is not possible
1.3.2 2019-04-05 [Bug] Bad behavior with add-on license
1.3.1 2019-02-01 [Bug] Empty table columns can trigger PHP warnings during revision creation
[Bug] Fix permission to import template from repository
1.3 2019-12-05 [Improvement] Chapter headlines without numbers
[Improvement] License Key
[Improvement] Added the possibility of using real object data when previewing a document template
[Improvement] Option for displaying category entries with status "archived" or "deleted"
[Improvement] Edit categories
[Improvement] Documents via console
[Improvement] Comment on revision
[Improvement] User defined template variables
[Improvement] Document Caching
[Improvement] Template locking
[Bug] Not able to set single rights to document categories
[Bug] Headers for the attributes "Host" and "Primary Access URL" are not displayed correctly
[Bug] Only one entry of category "contract assignment" is displayed in documents
[Bug] Wrong presentation of frequency attributes
[Bug] Primary host address is not shown correctly
[Bug] Vertical alignment of table cell content ignored in PDF file
[Bug] Header and footer ignore side clearances (top and bottom)
[Bug] Cursor locked in placeholder
[Bug] Editing size of pictures in editor
[Bug] Right Margin Of Footer Is Incorrect
[Bug] Button Text "Close popup" In "Duplicate document template" Not Conform
[Bug] The position in the rack is not displayed in the tabular view
[Bug] Documents Add-On: Organisation are displayed with the object-id
[Bug] Documents Add-On: cpu is not displayed
[Bug] Documents Add-On: Fiber Channel capacity is not displayed
[Bug] Bigger Reports Are Cut And Displayed Not Correctly Formatted
[Bug] Footer uses margins of document and is placed over header on second page
[Bug] Docu: attribute last change is missing an exact time
[Bug] Doku: Template last change is missing the exact time
[Bug] Cannot create documents when one or multiple attribute assignments are missing
[Bug] SLA time values not usable
[Bug] Document titles are not displayed in the overview
[Bug] Report Compiler class outputs report as HTML
[Bug] PHP Fatal error when adding a document
[Bug] Additional line break between two lines
[Bug] no documents can be created after adding contact assignment
[Bug] After updating the administrators group has no rights to the add-on anymore
[Bug] When choosing a multivalue category the "show as table" setting should be set
[Bug] Improved HTML export
[Bug] New placeholders are not available in Templates
[Bug] The category "organization => person" is not available in the property selector
[Bug] Object browser fields of custom categories are not being displayed correctly
[Bug] Online repository can not be called with the configured proxy
1.2.1 2018-08-13 [Improvement] Placeholder to force new page
[Improvement] Adding meta information of report into document template
[Improvement] Format placeholder tables for documents
[Improvement] Self-defined column width for tables
[Improvement] Documents get a optional title
[Improvement] Show Document Title In Documents List
[Improvement] Documents: Parallel revision of multiple documents at once
[Improvement] Create logbook entry when creating new revision
[Improvement] Creation- and last change dates of templates
[Bug] Archived category entries will be displayed
[Bug] Repository throws error when there is no connection to the Internet
[Bug] Orphaned document after purge
[Bug] System Error Message After Click on "Preview"
[Bug] Content of tabs "current version" and "revisions" displaced
[Bug] Support of more special characters in add-on "documents"
[Bug] Target Fields For Moved Chapters Inconsistent
[Bug] Footer In Preview Matches Not The Footer Definition
[Bug] Irritating Delete Dialogue Although Document Templates Are Not Selected
[Bug] No Info About Name And Category During The Document Template Import
[Bug] Title Page Of Template Not Duplicated
[Bug] Documents: Source code is not stored in a new chapter
[Bug] Footer is output as PDF in the header
[Bug] Reimplement variable reports
[Bug] Chapter drag&drop does not work correctly
[Bug] Wrong date format in custom categories
[Change] In Create/Edit-chapter Button "Delete" Works Like "Cancel"
1.2 2018-01-23 [Improvement] Email addresses should be printed as links
[Improvement] Usage of reports with placeholders
[Improvement] Controller of document add-on redirects to new command
[Bug] Button to create new revision has no effect on current site
[Bug] Title page will not be created in the 1st revision
[Bug] Only first element of Dialog+ (Multiple) will be printed
[Bug] Attribute "Phone" from category "Master Data (Person Groups)" will not be printed
[Bug] Options will not get duplicated
1.1.5 2017-10-02 [Improvement] Object relation option for reports in documents
[Bug] Simultaneous creation of multiple documents writes incorrect data
[Bug] Fonts are being uploaded in the wrong folder
[Bug] Paging is wrong when using multiple reports
[Bug] Some Variables are only shown as ID instead of name
[Bug] Duplicated template loses properties and throws warning
[Bug] Upload of fonts larger then 0.5MB
[Bug] Usage of identical attributes from different categories causes them to be overwritten
[Bug] Click On "Delete" Deletes Document Template During Editing
[Bug] Success Message Duplicating A Document Template But Without A Duplicate
[Bug] Documents can not be created in an object
[Bug] Options of a document get discarded
[Bug] Failure while creating a document with dynamic images
[Bug] Under some circumstances documents documents cannot be created
[Bug] Chapter numbering results in a wrong sorting of chapters
[Bug] Table of content page will not be created
[Bug] Captions will not be shown while the table of contents page is enabled
[Bug] PDF Export will show an additional blank page
[Bug] While creating a new document template every click on save will create a new template
[Bug] Index page is not being cloned
[Bug] Without WYSIWYG editor templates cannot be saved.
1.1.4 2017-07-31 [Bug] Page numbers are wrongly calculated if no title page is used
[Bug] Documents module: Archived and deleted contact assignments are being shown
[Bug] Documents Add-on: Footer is not being displayed on the last sheet of a document
1.1.3 2017-05-02 [Improvement] PHP 7.0 compatibility
1.1.2 [Bug] PHP warning because of different method declarations
[Bug] Full index aborts with error message
[Bug] Wait note is not necessary when importing a document template
1.1.1 2016-04-12 [Bug] DOM parsing failure while creating a document
[Bug] Failure while opening a document that was created by a duplicated template
[Bug] MySQL error while creating a document
[Bug] Add-on Update: Failure while migrating of custom fonts
[Bug] Failure while duplicating document templates
1.1 2015-08-31 [Bug] Presentation of inline images from image category
[Bug] Captions are placed wrong
1.0.3 2015-08-31 [Bug] Ohne Berechtigung sind Bearbeitungs-Buttons pro Kapitel sichtbar
[Bug] Link zum verknüpften Objekt öffnet sich nicht
[Bug] Elemente ragen über die Seitenränder
[Bug] Link zur Dokument-Vorlage funktioniert im Revisions-Widget nicht
[Bug] Design vom Report-Widget unsauber
[Bug] Wenn alle WYSIWYG Editor Funktionen in der Systemeinstellung aktiviert sind ist es nicht mehr möglich Objekte bzw. Kategorien in die Dokumentenvorlage zu verlinken.
[Bug] Beim Ändern einer Variable im Dokumente-Modul wird die ursprüngliche Auswahl nicht nachgeladen
[Bug] Umlaut in erzeugtem Dokumentennamen aus Dokumente-Modul funktioniert nicht
[Bug] Einmal hochgeladene Bilder können nicht mehr gelöscht werden.
1.0.2 2015-03-09 [Bug] SQL-Fehler beim Erstellen von Dokumenten
[Bug] Kategorie-Tabs sind ineinander verschoben
[Bug] In der Kategorie-Liste Dokumente funktioniert der Download einer PDF/HTML Datei nicht
[Bug] Kategorie "Dokumente" auf der Übersichtsseite bewirkt die Anzeige einer weißen Seite
1.0.1 2014-09-24
1.0 2014-09-17 Initiales Release