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Install Forms Add-on#


The current installation package for the add-on can be downloaded from the i-doit customer portal at customer portal after purchasing a valid license.

Installation of the Forms add-on#

The installation itself is done in the i-doit Admin Center in the "Add-ons" tab. Here, the package is selected from the local system via the "Browse" button.

After specifying for which tenant(s) the add-on should be made available, the installation can be completed via the "Upload and install" button.
After the release of a new version, the same way can be used in the Admin Center to upload and update the installed package, which will also be available in the i-doit customer portal.

Installation of the Forms add-on

Installing the license#

The installation via the Admin Center is done after login in the Licences tab. Use the Install new license button here to open the advanced dialog and select the license downloaded from the customer portal.

New login may be necessary

If a license is successfully imported, it can still happen that a message appears when continuing to work with i-doit that no valid license is activated. In this case, it helps to log out with the current user and log in again. The message should then not appear again.

Installing the license

Automatic license distribution

Please note that in the Tenants tab you can configure how many object licenses are assigned to a client. Even if only a single client exists, a switched off automatic license distribution can ensure that not all object licenses are used. If this is the case, it can simply be activated and applied with a click on Save.

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