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A new switch is put into operation but you want to maintain all the connections? Use the Replacement add-on so that you don't have to document all the connections anew. This add-on allows swapping of objects with configurable adoption of existing connections.

Download and Installation#

This add-on can also be installed at a later time. You can find detailed descriptions about download, installation, updates etc. in the "i-doit pro Add-ons" article.


You can find the configuration at Administration → CMDB settings → Object swap → Configuration. For the most part, you can use the configuration to define default values in order to standardize and speed up frequent swapping.

Option Description
Selectable object-types Here you specify which objects of which type can be swapped. Additionally, you define per object type which categories (and thus which attributes) are to be swapped. The categories which aren't selected aren't affected by swaps.
CMDB status for storing objects You can restrict the selection of objects offered for swapping via their CMDB status.
Consider the "swap" status? When the swap status is considered, the swapped object receives the CMDB status stored and the object of swapping the CMDB status in operation.
Archive swapped objects? Do you want the object which is swapped to receive the status Archived?
Also swap the SYS-ID? Do you want to swap the SYS-ID attribute in the General category? This is an attribute for unique referencing.

Rights Assignment#

Under Administration → Authorization system → Rights → Object swap you can specify rights for persons and person groups.

Condition Description
Swap objects
Does the user have permission to swap objects?
Swap by workplace
Does the user have permission to swap workplace components?
Swap CI module configuration
Does the user have permission to adjust the configuration (see above)?
Swap CI-button in object list The user can swap objects via the action bar of the object list. For this purpose, the Swap button will appear in the action bar.
*Swap CI-button in objects* Via the action bar within an object, the user can swap the object with another one. For this purpose, the Swap button will appear in the action bar.


Before two objects can be swapped, the following conditions have to be met:

  • Both objects have the same object type.
  • You can't swap an object with itself.

Object Swap#

There are three ways to swap an object for another one:

  1. Select both objects within an object list and click the Swap button in the action bar.
  2. Click the Swap button in the action bar within an object and then select the object of swapping  under Stored object.
  3. Select both objects under Object to swap and Stored object at Extras → Object Swap.

Now you can swap the selected objects by clicking the Change button.



After selecting both objects, you can adjust further options. The preselection is from the above mentioned configuration.

Option Description
Zu übernehmende Kategorien

*(Categories to adopt)*
see above
Consider the "swap" status? see above
Archive swapped objects? see above
Also swap the SYS-ID? see above

By clicking the Start swapping button both objects will be swapped.

Start swapping

Swap by Workplace#

You can carry out a preselection for swapping via assigned workplaces. First select an object type under Extras → Object swap → Swap by workplace. Then all objects of the type Workplace, in whose Workplace components category objects of this type are assigned, will be listed. You select an object for swapping from the respective workplace. With the button  Swap selected objects you can reach Extras → Object swap → Swap objects.

Swap by Workplace

Swap Report#

A report about swapping actions which have been carried out so far is generated under Extras → Object swap → Swap-report. You can also reach the reports item via Extras → Report Manager → Views → Swap-report.

Swap Report


Version Date Changelog
1.5 2023-11-07 [Bug] No changes are recorded in the logbook
[Bug] Signal error when downloading a document from the document repository
1.4 2022-09-05 [Task] PHP 8.0 Compatibility
[Task] Design Compatibility
[Improvement] English add-on renaming to Replacement
1.3.2 2022-02-21 [Bug] Use Of German Language in English Version Of Object Swap
1.3.1 2020-08-10 [Bug] The location is lost during swap
[Bug] Information is deleted when objects are exchanged
1.3 2019-05-20 [Improvement] Properties series number and model title in swap ci report available
[Bug] Search index will not be renewed after a device replacement
[Bug] Device exchange uses workflow tables
[Bug] Swap-status has a uppercase first letter in its CMDB-Status
[Bug] Opening the swap-report displays an error
1.2.5 2017-05-02 [Bug] Error Message Appears Trying To Deinstall SWAP_CI in AdminCenter
1.2.4 2017-03-08 [Bug] Button "Swap" of "SwapCI" does not Work in object lists
[Bug] Improved PHP and i-doit compability
1.2.3 2015-10-08 [Improvement] Properties series number and model title in swap ci report available
[Bug] SwapCi shows error message when you log in to this context
[Bug] SQL error prevents from choosing a category for swap
1.2.2 2015-03-09 [Bug] SwapCi is showing error if tenant did not install the add-on
1.2.1 2014-04-14 Initial release