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Object category VIVA#

The VIVA add-on brings the VIVA category, which is globally available for all object types. Through it, the user gains a quick overview. The category lists the appropriate VIVA-specific properties. These include ...

  • the information network,
  • the target group with primary IT-Grundschutz layer,
  • protection requirements of the target group,
  • other members of the target group,
  • modules assigned to the target group, and
  • statistics on the implementation of measures assigned to the target group.

If an object is assigned to several information associations, this is also taken into account in the category. In addition, the user can switch from i-doit's IT documentation to the relevant areas of the VIVA add-on.

It is not necessary to assign the category to object types. It is automatically available to all object types. The category can be found above the category tree of each object next to other categories such as the CMDB Explorer or the Logbook.