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Category folders#

The Category Folders feature allows you to create your own category folders and store categories in them for each object type. You can also edit existing category folders and move any category to any folder.


To view or edit the category folders, you need the Category folders permissions in the Administration section. As usual, the admin Persongroup will have the permissions added by default.

How do I use the category folders feature#

First you need to select an object type and after that you have the option to either use the Reorder button where you can drag&drop each category where you want it or when you hover over a category you can use the Move element button. The Move element button opens a popup where you can choose a place to move the selected category. The Add button allows you to create a category folder with a custom folder name. This folder can be placed directly into another category folder.

Reorder button

The Reorder button allows you quickly drag&drop categories or folders to any position. You can also the Move button to open the Move element function.

Move element

The Move element function is preferred if you want to move a category into a folder. It also offers a search.

Add a category folder

Click the Add button to create a category folder and specify the folder location.


The sorting of categories is disabled if you have edited an object type with the Category folders function. Because you can create your own order.

Resetting Category folders for an Object type

If you reset the folder configuration, the changes will be undone and created category folder will be deleted.