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In the logbook view you can filter entries according to several parameters. If possible, an entry contains the exact changes. (Which values were changed and how?) → READMORE

Option Value
Status Normal
Of Date and/or time
Source -
JDisc Import
Manual entries
RT Ticket
Alarm level 0 (information)
1 (low)
2 (middle)
3 (high)
User Object browser
To Date and/or time
Type Objects
Show only CMDB changes Checkbox

Logbook View

Logbook Configuration#

In the logbook configuration you can define how many changes may be combined as a maximum in a logbook entry, if the user only should be displayed with his/her ID or in an extended way and if yes, how this should look like. Additionally, you can determine the number of combined changes per logbook entry during an import procedure.

Option Value
User identification Standard
Create logbook entries for relations Only initiating object
On both objects


Option Value
Maximum amount of combined detailed changes (per category) Value


Enter for how long entries in the logbook should be kept before they will be archived.

Option Value
Entries older than Value in Days
Destination local database
remote database

To archive the logbook, the logbook-archive CLI command must be executed.


With this function you can restore entries which were already archived.

Option Value
Entries older than Value in Days
Source local database
remote database