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[Tenant name] management#

Here you can mange your tenant and view system related configurations.

[Tenant name] management overview

The [Tenant name] management is divided into the following sub-sections#

License overview#

In the license overview you will find information about your license, documented object, version and a object counter.

Option Value
Documented objects Value
Free objects Value
CMDB references Value
Last i-doit update Date time
Version Value
Object counter by object type Value
Licensed Add-ons Titles of installed add-ons
License runtime Creation and expire date as well as runtime of the license

System Config Check#

Option Value
Time difference PHP/MySQL Date Time
Count of objects for [Tenant name] Value
Operating System Linux or Windows
Architecture Processor architecture
PHP Version PHP Version
i-doit Code Version i-doit Version
MariaDB Version MariaDB Version
i-doit Database Version i-doit Database Version
Database size Size in MB
Updates Next Version available?
Browser (client) Info text and link to kb
Configuration examples Info text and link to kb
Duplicated usernames Button that opens a popup and displays duplicated usernames

PHP.ini Settings#

Option Value
max_execution_time Time in s
upload_max_filesize Size in MB
post_max_size Size in MB
allow_url_fopen 1 or 0
max_input_vars Value
file_uploads 1 or 0
memory_limit Size in MB

MySQL Settings#

Option Value
innodb_buffer_pool_size Size in MB
max_allowed_packet Size in MB
tmp_table_size Size in MB
max_heap_table_size Size in MB
join_buffer_size Size in bytes
sort_buffer_size Size in bytes
innodb_sort_buffer_size Size in MB
innodb_log_file_size Size in MB
datadir Data directory of MySQL

PHP Extensions#

Option Value
curl Used for
gd Used for
json Used for
ldap Used for
mbstring Used for
mysqli Used for
pcre Used for
session Used for
sockets Used for
spl Used for
xml Used for
zlib Used for
SNMP Used for

Apache Modules#

Option Value
mod_rewrite Used for

Rights & Directories#

Option Value
Source Directory Directory path
i-doit Directory Directory path
Temp Directory path
Css Directory path
Javascript Directory path
File Upload Directory path
Image Upload Directory path
Default Theme Template Cache Directory path
Default Theme Smarty Cache Directory path