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Settings for [Tenant name]#

Here you will find tenant related settings.

URL Settings#

Option Value
i-doit address (URL) URL to i-doit


Option Value
CSV-export delimiter Comma, Semicolon, Hash or Tab
One-Click-Edit Yes or No
Global SYS-ID Prefix String
Change Cable's CMDB status into 'In Operation' after attaching Yes or No
Change Cable's CMDB status into 'Inoperative' after detaching Yes or No
Object type constant for rack segment objects String
Order of vertical rack slots Standard
From top left to bottom right, both sides
From top left to bottom right, each side
Mirror the rear vertical rack slots Yes or No
Displaying multiple RUs From top
From bottom
Detached segment objects... should remain unchanged
should be archived
should be purged
Detach objects when relocating from a chassis Yes or No
Activate Interaction between "Logical location" and "Location"? Yes or No
Activate object type filter on workstations?
Remove object IDs from CSV exported lists. Yes or No
Disable MAC address validation Yes or No
SYS-ID read only Yes or No
Releasing of ip-addresses when object gets archived or deleted Yes or No
Keep status of imported objects? Yes or No
Prefix for auto-naming of cable objects Empty or String
Activate quickpurge button Yes or No
WYSIWYG editor in categories Yes or No
Activate all WYSIWYG editor functions Yes or No
Save my-doit CMDB-Status selection Yes or No

Display Limits#

Option Value
Display limit for object browser objects Value
Display style for object browser objects Comma separated
As list
Amount of preloaded pages in report lists Value
Display limit of multi value category fields Value
Object-Browser result limit Value
Display limit of VLANs in port lists Value
Display limit of Layer-2 networks in port lists Value
Only show default VLAN in port overview Yes or No
Display limit of assigned connectors in connector lists Value
Display limit of Host Addresses Value
Display limit of services in the CMDB explorer popup Value
Depth limit of the location path Value
MyDoIt task entries Value

Options for the IP-List#

Option Value
Cache lifetime (in seconds) Value
Ping function Ping via NMAP
Ping via FPING
NMAP parameter (for ping) PE/PP/PM: ICMP echo, timestamp, and netmask request discovery probes
sP: Ping Scan - go no further than determining if host is online
PR: ARP Scan
sT: TCP Connect Scan

Unique checks (Used during import/export procedure only!)#

Option Value
Object title Yes or No
Layer2 nets Yes or No
IP-addresses Yes or No
Hostname Yes or No


Option Value
Display barcodes in i-doit Yes or No
Barcode form QR-Code

Graphical interface#

Option Value
Display empty values as String
String for separation of locations String
Location path orientation left (default)
String for separation of connectors String
Drag 'n' Drop of objects Yes or No
Object type sorting Alphabetically

Maximum lengths#

Option Value
Dialog-Plus Value
Object title in location path Value
Full Length location path Value


Option Value
Log detailed CMDB changes Yes or No
Disable logbook commentary Yes or No
Delete Logbook entries from purged objects completely Yes or No


Option Value
Show template filter in object lists Yes or No
Colorize template assignments/references Yes or No
With color Colorpicker


Option Value
Permission system Inactive
Minimum length of user passwords Value
Display passwords Yes or No
Information about last login Inactive
Sanitize input data Yes or No


Option Value
Right-system Log Yes or No
Exception Log Yes or No
CMDB Import Yes or No
LDAP Debug Yes or No
Option Value
Cache expiration Minute
Rows per category Value


Option Value
Standard LDAP group Comma-separated list of group ids
LDAP Config: JSON String
Salutation Mister Comma separated list with mapped values for LDAP salutation attribute
Salutation Misses Comma separated list with mapped values for LDAP salutation attribute

Report Manager#

Option Value
Default filter ID
Generated by query editor
Variable Report


Option Value
Cancel process on validation error? Yes or No
Empty only the affected attributes on validation errors? Yes or No
The CSV Import can overwrite the object type? Yes or No
Amount of rows to be imported in a batch Value
Option Value
Default search mode Normal
Deep Search
Activate fuzzy search Yes or No
Automatic DeepSearch Active
Active when no results are found.
Highlight the search string Yes or No
Minimum search string length Value
Show archived/deleted objects in search results Yes or No
Show location paths in search results Yes or No


Option Value
Default language for new users German


Option Value
Skip expired licenses Yes or No
Option Value
ISMS Filter report views with location based rights Yes or No
ISMS Show risk flag Yes or No
ISMS Show risk title Yes or No
Documents Comment revisions Yes or No
Documents Cache generated documents Yes or No
Maintenance Get email addresses from Resolve contact groups and notify each person individually
Simply use the selected contacts without resolving contact groups
Events Base64 Decode Event Parameters Yes or No
Check_MK Tags may only consist of alphabetic characters, numbers, underscores and hyphens Yes or No
Workflows Hide checklists in my-doit area Yes or No
IT-Grundschutz URL-Prefix to IT-Grundschutz Compendium URL
IT-Grundschutz Upload folder for IT-Grundschutz Compendium Directory path
Relocate-CI Remove the logical location after a object has been relocated physically. Yes or No
Relocate-CI Update the physical location after a object has been relocated logically. Yes or No
Relocate-CI Write logbook entries to all children of a relocated object. Yes or No
Forms Forms Server URL
Forms User name String
Forms API Key String