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User interface#

Here you find interface related configurations. Also from Add-ons.


Option Value
Always directly open in Cabling-View Yes or No
Option Value
Show "my-doit" in the main menu Yes or No
Show object type group as dropdown Yes or No

Object lists#

Option Value
Save last used list-filters 300 Value in seconds (0 = do not save the filter)
Entries per page in object lists 50

Object navigation#

Option Value
Default treeview Object view
Location view
Treeview type Physical location or Logical location or Combined view
Hide empty object types Yes or No
Hide empty categories Yes or No
Option Value
Active Yes or No
Delay 0.5 Value in seconds


Option Value
Line spacing Small or Medium or Large
Spacing in menu trees Small or Medium or Large
Display spacers Yes or No

Workflows (from Add-on)#

Option Value
Entrylimit for filter view Value