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Version 27#


Hotfixes fix a certain error and are usually provided as a ZIP file. The ZIP file is unpacked in the i-doit installation directory. Confirm the question whether you want to overwrite files during unpacking (Y key for "yes" or A key for "all"). Here you can find an example:

sudo cp i-doit_<version>_hotfix_<description>_<ticket>_<commit>.zip /var/www/html/i-doit/
cd /var/www/html/i-doit/
sudo -u www-data unzip i-doit_<version>_hotfix_<description>_<ticket>_<commit>.zip
sudo rm i-doit_<version>_hotfix_<description>_<ticket>_<commit>.zip

Please note

Please use hotfixes exclusively with the specified version. Hotfixes will be included in newer versions so that a renewed installation is not necessary. Should you use an older i-doit version it is essential to make an update to the latest version first.
If a hotfix is required to update an older version, it can be found in the hotfix subchapters here in the Knowledge Base.
As these are hotfixes we recommend installing them only when the adjustments are necessary for a flawless operation of your installation or you are requested by the support team to use them. Please ensure that you made a backup of i-doit before you use any hotfix.
Please inform us about the use of hotfixes should you contact our support team afterwards.

Current version

The requirements shown below apply to the current version of i-doit, in this case 27 These requirements are adjusted for each release of i-doit. If the requirements of older versions are needed, the change history of this page can be used.

Declaration of consent

By downloading a hotfix you declare that you have read and understood the above mentioned notes completely.

i-doit core#

Hotfix release

If you downloaded i-doit 27 prior to November 28th, we've identified some issues that require attention.
We have prepared a linked package that contains necessary fixes.

Please refer to one of the guides below for assistance

Use the updater to download the package

  • Set file and folder rights, either via or manual
  • Open the i-doit web update
  • At 2. Available Updates you copy and paste the LINK in to the corresponding URL field and click Download and extract
  • Now do the update

or download and extract the package

  • Download the new package from the customer portal
  • Extract the package into the i-doit Folder, see here
  • Set file and folder rights, either via or manual
  • Use the i-doit web updater to update with the new package

This update Package includes the following Hotfixes

Adding a condition block for location > below > X location outputs no results
HTML is displayed in Report
Exported report displays __id__ column
Report objects adds &nbsp;&nbsp; after each column
Placeholder is not correctly replaced
Operators for some fields can not be selected - TypeError: is not a function
The encoding of umlauts are displayed in report titles
Status filter for multivalue categories in report manager is not working correctly for custom categories

Assigned clusters are removed after saving the object type configuration#

Use this if you need to assign the specific category Assigned Clusters.

JDisc mapping error with MAC address#

Hotfix for the JDisc import error Duplicate entry 'object-56-ABCDEF123-aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa,aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa,aa:aa:a...' for key 'isys_jdisc_mapping__type_device_serial_mac'.

Description fields yield validation errors on 32bit systems#

Changing technical keys to only contain words causes entries to lose the values when filled with API (Number only)#

Icon redirects are not cached#

If loading takes too much time between switching from object type to object type.

Refactor the automatic update-check to a separate (ajax) request#

If opening the administration area of i-doit and navigating to "[Tenant-name] management" the page will take quite some time to load.

Document does not exist error message when opening a document#

Report viewing DBMS version always shows the first entry#

API Add-on 1.15# attaches " &nbsp" to each value#

When using it should be possible to use 'categories' without an array# gives empty/nameless object with error message as a result when reading objects with the category licenses#

Analyze Add-on 1.3#

Service assignment is not displayed in data quality#

Forms Add-on 1.2.0#

Object is not created when a attribute validation is used and no error is displayed#

Floorplan Add-on 1.6#

MySQL8 causes database error "incorrect DATETIME" when opening Floorplan AND Adding new Floorplan gives Error message and deletes existing objects added to floorplan#