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Here you can configure the mail server used by i-doit.



Here the logging functions for the API, the CMDB import and the LDAP debugging can be switched on and off.



Here you can define a Welcome message for login mask



If no direct internet connection is available, a proxy server can be configured here.



Here you can define after which period of time the active session will be terminated.


Single Sign On#

The SSO function can be switched on or off here. If SSO is active, no client selection is made during logon. Here you can define which client is to be used as the default for logon.

Single Sign On

System Parameters#

The following system parameters can be defined here:

Default LDAP group → Here you can specify groups in which LDAP users are automatically added after successful login.
PHP time zone → Here you can define the time zone for PHP.
Permission system → Here the extended permission system can be deactivated.
File Upload Folder → Here you can define the folder where uploaded files will be stored.
Image Upload Folder → Here you can define the folder where uploaded images will be stored.
Request Tracker queues → Here you can define the queues of Request Tracker
Enable quick purge button → Here you can enable or disable the quick purge button.
Prefix for automatic naming of cable objects → Here you can define a special prefix for cable names.
Keep state of imported objects? → Here you can define whether objects keep their CMDB status or get a new one during an import.

System Parameters

User Interface#

The following parameters for the user interface can be defined here:

Wiki URL → URL of the wiki page to be used
WYSIWYG Editor in categories → Here you can define whether normal text fields or the WYSIWYG Editor should be used within the categories.
Enable all WYSIWYG Editor functions → Here you can enable the advanced functions of the WYSIWYG Editor.
Sort function of the client list at login → Here you can define by which attribute the client list should be sorted at login.

User Interface