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Upgrade from i-doit open to i-doit pro#

How do you switch from i-doit open to i-doit pro with added functionality in a quick and easy way?


What are the advantages of documenting the IT infrastructure rather with the i-doit pro version than with the i-doit open version? The reason is simple: i-doit pro offers considerably more functions which can be of great help for your daily work.

i-doit pro in Seven Steps#

Here is a quick overview about the necessary steps before going further into details:

  1. Preparation
  2. Download and implementation of the pro-update
  3. Installation of the i-doit pro extension
  4. License activation
  5. Clear cache
  6. Configure permissions
  7. Finishing work


Important: This procedure is irreversible. It is essential to create a backup! After upgrading, a valid license for i-doit pro is required. The system requirements and system settings must also be met.

Should you use an older version of the i-doit open installation, you have to bear the following facts in mind:

  • When you use i-doit open version 0.9.x or older, an upgrade is not possible.
  • When you use i-doit open 1.4.x, you have to upgrade to the newest version starting from version 1.8.
  • When you have installed i-doit open 1.8.x or higher, you can continue with the upgrade.

You can download the most current version from

Download and Implementation of the pro-Update#

Download the update package of i-doit pro from the customer portal and carry out an update in the usual way. It is important that the version number of the installed i-doit open version corresponds to the desired i-doit pro version. Example: You have to use update package i-doit pro 1.8, when your installed version is i-doit open 1.8.

The upgrade doesn't work with the installation packet of the i-doit pro version.

Installation of the i-doit pro-addon#

After upgrading to the pro version you have to install the pro-addon. The pro-addon is available in the admin center under Add-ons. Here you can find the installation button.

License Activation#

The upgrade is completed now and the last step is the activation of a valid license. You can activate it directly in the Admin Center under Licenses.

Clear Cache#

Now we log off from the Admin Center and log in again to i-doit. Now we click through  AdministrationSystem tools → Cache / Database to the button Clear complete Cache. We clear the browser cache by pressing CTRL+F5.

Configure Permissions#

In contrast to i-doit open, i-doit pro does possess a free configurable authorization system. For this reason, the user who is logged in at this moment will not have all permissions.

To give your admin-user full access in a few steps, go to AdministrationAuthorization systemAuthorization system reset and give your user full access to i-doit by entering the credentials for the Admin center.

Now you can configure the assignment of permissions for persons and groups of persons.

Finishing Work#

If you have not yet done so, you should carry out the following steps to ensure a flawless performance of i-doit:

Downgrade to i-doit open?#

It's not intended to go back to an older version of i-doit. This is also the case for downgrades from i-doit pro to the i-doit open variant.