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Location-bases Authorization#

i-doit enables the definition of a very fine-grained rights management to allow only limited access to the IT documentation for certain user groups. This also includes user rights which only affect specific locations.

Example Task#

Mr. Smith is responsible for all servers at the Düsseldorf location. Mr. Smith's user authorizations shall be limited to the extent that he can see all servers at the Düsseldorf location and create new server objects. He shall have the right to edit all categories of all servers at the location in Düsseldorf. But other servers or objects in other locations should not be accessible for Mr. Smith.


Under Administration → Authorization system → Rights → CMDB you set the the rights  View and Edit  for the Person object of Mr. Smith to the Conditions

  • Objects underneath a location and
  • Category in Objects underneath a location

to enable reading and write permissions of objects and their categories.

Select Düsseldorf as Parameter in each case.

You have to set the Create right for *Object(s) of type Server to enable the creation of new objects. To enable access to the categories of the newly created objects, the right Categories in my created objects has to be set for all categories. As an option, you can also set it only for the Location* category so that a physical assignment becomes possible.

In order that these limitations take also effect in the object browser, in the location view as well as in the CMDB Explorer, you have to define advanced settings under Administration → System settings → Expert settings:

Key Value
auth.use-in-cmdb-explorer 1
auth.use-in-object-browser 1
auth.use-in-location-tree 1

You can find a detailed explanation of these settings in the article CMDB (User Rights Management).


The process for creating a new server by Mr. Smith is as follows: He creates a new server, edits the Location category and assigns the server to a location under Düsseldorf.