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Manage Passwords#

Every day a system administrator handles dozens of passwords. It is a big challenge to keep all those passwords in mind. i-doit provides a simple password management which keeps your head clear for essential tasks and helps you to find the required access data much faster.

Distinction Between i-doit and Password Managers#

i-doit is not a fully-fledged password manager like KeePass. Such applications provide a lot of additional functions, for example, the generation of passwords.

The aim of the functions shown here is to bring access data as close as possible to an IT documentation. In case of emergency, these data have to be retrieved as fast and easy as possible.

If you can't do (or don't want to do) without a password manager, you can instead set corresponding links for your entries in the password manager with help of the Access category. In this way you only need a few clicks to get to your access data very fast.

Passwords Category#

You can store any number of access data for each object with the Passwords category. The data are saved in encoded form in the respective tenant database of i-doit.


Attribute Description
Title Concise description of the entry
Username Name of the user
Password Password of the user