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Which IT components are available for which staff member and where can I find them? To ensure that you always have a good overview with regard to this question, you can document IT workplaces in i-doit.

Persons and their Workplaces#

Besides the physical assignement of objects to locations, workplaces can be documented as logical construct. The Workplace object type plays a central role.


An object of this type is assigned to a person via the Logical Location category.


Conversely, this person is assigned to one or more workplaces via the Persons object in the Assigned Workplaces category.


IT Components at the Workplace#

The assignment of any (IT) components to a workplace is carried out in the Workplace components category within the Workplace object.


A workplace component can only be assigned to one workplace. You can search for the specific workplace of a component within the category Assigned workstation in the Workplace components object.


Location of a Workplace#

Last but not least, you can also physically locate a workplace, for example with an office room. With the Floor Plan add-on you can then even visualize this room.


Relocation of a Workplace#

Should a person change the room within the company, you can manage the relocation of the workplace and selected workplace components. The Relocate CI add-on offers a function solution for a relocation.