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Changelog 1.10.1#

[Improvement] New attributes in category "Check_MK (Host) > Export Parameter"
[Improvement] Total capacity of drives in the Report Manager
[Improvement] List view with more than ten columns
[Improvement] More Placeholders for notifications: model and manufacturer
[Improvement] JDISC import of software: optionally use software family instead of software version as the object title
[Improvement] Cannot copy IPs from IP lists
[Improvement] Update the GUI of category contract assignment
[Improvement] JDisc Import: Import of the attribute SNMP Syslocation into the location category
[Improvement] The fuzzy suggestion can now be configured
[Improvement] Validation of user settings
[Improvement] Rack: object link for unpositioned objects
[Improvement] Self-defined column width for tables
[Improvement] Templates: No presorting when creating an object with the selected object type
[Improvement] Modify warning to update the object list configuration
[Improvement] Search: Not possible to use the search with less than three characters
[Improvement] Support for Explicit Relationships in Custom Categories for fieldtype Relationship Browser
[Improvement] GUI component to select intervals
[Improvement] Configuration of objects as "positionable in rack" for new installations/tenants
[Improvement] JDISC: Field with label for different locations from JDISC
[Improvement] Export CMDB explorer as PNG or JPG
[Improvement] CMDB Explorer: Legend only shows object types, which includes objects
[Change] Save smarty cache files to the i-doit cache directory
[Change] Removed old files and directories
[Bug] Using new console from other locations
[Bug] Location changes will not be passed to the chassis overview
[Bug] Speech constants are displayed in the I-Doit Open
[Bug] Reports are called in Custom Categories when at least one object browser type is configured
[Bug] Placeholders "Model" and "Service Tag" are missing in the QR code reader
[Bug] Duplicating an object does not duplicate the contact assignment
[Bug] Attributes of the category "Direct Attached Storage" cannot be shown on the overview page
[Bug] When opening a monitoring configuration, the selection for "active" is always preset, no matter if it was active (yes/no) before
[Bug] While duplicating a object (chassis) some categories get duplicated as well, even if they were not selected
[Bug] CSV export of values with units from object lists create wrong output
[Bug] Cannot show attributes "variant" and "version number" of category "operating system" in lists
[Bug] Import of XML files not possible
[Bug] JDisc import allocates cluster members and deletes them after the import
[Bug] Bug while using the JDisc handler via console
[Bug] Description text is not being displayed on the overview page of an object
[Bug] return value for attach_person via API
[Bug] API: C__CATG__IMAGE: image_selection holds wrong data type
[Bug] Setting an unvalid cmdb status constant leads to the object being deleted
[Bug] XML import via console does not work
[Bug] Editing software assignment via list edit deletes content of category "Operating system"
[Bug] API: fetches only first value of a custom dialog+ field (multiple)
[Bug] Livestatus leads to long waiting times in object lists
[Bug] API: Logs are created, even with disabled setting
[Bug] API: Cannot change category host address
[Bug] API: The field LDAP-DN can not be saved
[Bug] API: Wrong data type (C__CATG__IMAGE/image)
[Bug] API: Purge request output Database error
[Bug] API: Setting an unvalid cmdb status constant leads to the object being deleted
[Bug] Apache configuration in [I-DOIT]/.htaccess not suitable for version 2.4
[Bug] CMDB Explorer: Export of SVGs only works in Firefox
[Bug] Dialog-Admin: Custom dialog fields appear multiple times
[Bug] Wrong output when using ldap-sync via console
[Bug] Variable report on dashboard creates error
[Bug] Error when using console: Column 'isys_obj__id' in where clause is ambiguous
[Bug] Field "Tags" is not availalable in Report-Manager
[Bug] Archiving/Deleting a softwareassignment keeps a relationship in condition "normal"
[Bug] Category "host address" creates unfinished entry if it is used on overview page
[Bug] Lists: Not possible to sort after column Scope in Net zones
[Bug] Database error when installing a license file within a tenant
[Bug] Pagenavigation changes condition selection
[Bug] Editing category "passwords" via list edit saves passwords encrypted in the frontend
[Bug] Can not delete a larger number (> 500) of objects
[Bug] Contract assignment: Date is displayed in the Customer number field
[Bug] List editing: Specific category cabinet is missing
[Bug] JDisc: Standard template is not completely applied during import
[Bug] Report Manager: Missing attribute Layer-2 network mapping
[Bug] Incorrect assignment of JDisc information to VMware cluster services
[Bug] Dialogue-Field of attribute "service category" can not be edited in dialogue admin
[Bug] JDisc: Discovery uses host name instead of FQDN
[Bug] Import of warranty via CSV not possible
[Bug] PHP 7.1: Error in Report Manager
[Bug] Selecting rights for specifi controller handlers not possible
[Bug] Multiple clicks on buttons to archive/delete skips other states
[Bug] Error Message After Entering First Entry In Category Database assignment
[Bug] OCS-Import of domain not possible
[Bug] Some Dialogue- and Dialogue-Plus-Fields also allow to select archived/deleted objects
[Bug] Locations: Sort incorrectly if the path is too long
[Bug] Reports: attribute state incomplete
[Bug] Sort by date in multi-value incorrect
[Bug] Templates: No sorting visible, possible
[Bug] Logbook: Changes to the chassis position etc. on the device are not entered in the logbook
[Bug] Duplicated chassis will be duplicated with chassis contents
[Bug] Variable% OBJID% takes last created object as id
[Bug] Report Manager: Online Repository report 'Logbook' shows object name of 'C__LOGBOOK_EVENT__OBJECT_PURGED' in column 'Category'
[Bug] Wrong presentation of rights in category "rights"
[Bug] Identical name for different categories (service assignment)
[Bug] Widget "my changed objects" builds incorrect link when using a proxy configuration
[Bug] JDisc-Import deletes layer-2-net-assignment to ports
[Bug] Category "Database assignment" not printed bold, when filled with content
[Bug] Sorting By Assigned net Wrong In Category Host adress
[Bug] Umlauts are not displayed correctly in the license overview
[Bug] Option pane does not get closed after duplicating an object
[Bug] Cannot Export SVG Grafics With CMDB Explorer In Chrome
[Bug] Selection of multiple objects via checkboxes in i-doit open is possible
[Bug] JDISC: Import overwrites the form factor of objects
[Bug] Wide colums cause columns to be cut off
[Bug] List Editing clears connection with port when editing the interface