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Changelog 1.10.2#

[Improvement][Systemtools] Object counter in system overview for current tenant
[Improvement][Report-Manager] Addition of the attributes CPU cores and sockets in the report manager
[Improvement][API] API: Read, create, update and delete monitoring instances
[Improvement][API] Create, read, update and delete static host tags via API
[Bug][Custom categories] Constants of custom categories receive hardcoded prefix
[Bug][Custom categories] Different rendering of HTML editor fields in view and edit mode
[Bug][Custom categories] Dialog + field can only be saved once in the dialog admin
[Bug][Custom categories] Wrong cleanup of HTML field in custom categories
[Bug][Custom categories] When duplicating objects, all empty Dialog + fields within all custom categories a value were set
[Bug][Categories] The "All tickets" category now has an intuitive link to the referenced ticket
[Bug][Categories] Rack statistics do not show all available results
[Bug][Categories] Content of categorie extensions for personens are deleted, when categorie "Master Data" is edited
[Bug][Categories] Deleting location assignments when editing categorie with insufficient permissions
[Bug][Categories] No clickable relation to the database instance in the database schema
[Bug][Categories] (Source) IP address assignment incorrect
[Bug][Categories] Unwanted default values
[Bug][Categories] Wrong RAID information when duplicating
[Bug][Categories] Category crypto card stays gray despite filled attributes
[Bug][Categories] Connecting a VM with a cluster is not possible without host selection
[Bug][Categories] Check the inputs of attributes volts, watts and ampere
[Bug][Categories] Ampere displays many decimal places
[Bug][Categories] Length of cables is not duplicated
[Bug][Categories] Cannot save half hours in reaction time
[Bug][Categories] Type of connector is not duplicated
[Bug][Categories] Removing linked database instance under some circumstances not possible
[Bug][CMDB] Database instance shows archived and deleted schemas
[Bug][CMDB] Not possible to put a zero in dialog admin
[Bug][CMDB] Missing translation at tenant selection
[Bug][CMDB] Login View of i-doit Wrong After too early Timeout
[Bug][Lists] Cannot sort after category or purpose in lists
[Bug][Lists] Cannot show database instances in the list of database schemas
[Bug][Lists] Cannot show database schemas in the list of database instances
[Bug][Lists] Sorting by tags in object lists not possible
[Bug][Lists] Object lists do not save the default filter
[Bug][Lists] Not possible to assign the attribute "Assignes devices (Logical devices (LDEV server))" to lists
[Bug][Lists] Filtering attribute "tags" does not work
[Bug][Lists] Incorrect sorting of costs in the list view of contracts
[Bug][Lists] Allocated IP addresses are not being sorted correctly
[Bug][OCS] Import of CPU cores from OCS Inventory
[Bug][OCS] OCS import delivers titles with curly braces instead of actual names
[Bug][OCS] OCS: IP-Adress/Subnet is not updated during import
[Bug][API] API: API creates unused cable while creating a new physical network port
[Bug][API] API: Headers not RFC 2616 compliant
[Bug][API] Missing logbook entries after creation of content via the API
[Bug][API] API responded with wrong session ID after successful login
[Bug][API] API: Enter IP addresses via API results in errors when a validation of category "host address" is set
[Bug][API] API: cmdb.category.create does not create a value in a custom dialog+ field (multiple)
[Bug][API] API: Batch request with cmdb.category.create or .update throws SQL error for category model
[Bug][QR-Codes] QR-Code: Font is always centered
[Bug][Templates] Default template will not be processed if overview page is active
[Bug][Templates] Predefined templates can be cleaned up, but appear again
[Bug][Templates] Default template is not used during object creation
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications also use archived and deleted contacts
[Bug][Notifications] Misspelling in the configuration of notifications of unchanged objects
[Bug][Notifications] License expiration notifications apply only to the first license key
[Bug][Relations] Software: Number of installations does not take into account the condition
[Bug][Relations] Archived relationship "linked cards" persists in the SIM card
[Bug][Logbook] Logbook: Changes in the category "contract assignment" on the attribute "Leistungsschein" are not written
[Bug][Logbook] Editing the general category on the overview page cretaes logbook entries for the location category
[Bug][Logbook] Editing category general does not create logbook entries
[Bug][Logbook] Wrong information in logbook for categories with default values
[Bug][Logbook] Wrong logbook content for locations
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] No conclusive sorting of objects in the CMDB Explorer
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] CMDB Explorer - Missing attributes on custom profiles
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Category "Password" is missing
[Bug][Report-Manager] "Condition" and "status" are being mixed up sometimes
[Bug][Report-Manager] Attribute "standard gateway for net" can not be used in report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] DB Error Message Appears Executing A Report With More Than One Condition
[Bug][Report-Manager] Option to hide objects with empty relations does not work in report manager for custom categories
[Bug][Report-Manager] Categorie "Virtual devices" is not available in report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Purge button is displayed despite missing rights
[Bug][Objects] Print Preview gives passwords in the "Password" category encrypted
[Bug][Objects] Deleting system users possible
[Bug][Objects] Object type is not displayed in the Browser object of the Service Assignment category
[Bug][Objects] Mouseover in list view disappears from the visible area
[Bug][Objects] Archiving within an object is not possible
[Bug][JDisc] Manually documented locations are overwritten when importing sysLocation via JDisc
[Bug][JDisc] Incorrect import of chassis view via JDisc
[Bug][JDisc] Import Filter JDisc for Hostadresses
[Bug][Documents] Wrong format for date contents
[Bug][List editing] Entering money values only possible with dots instead of commas
[Bug][List editing] List Editing: Deleting e-mail addresses leads to incorrect entries
[Bug][List editing] Multi value categories can not be edited via list edit
[Bug][List editing] List edit: Validation of attributes that are not being displayed
[Bug][List editing] "Description" is being validated in List Edit
[Bug][List editing] Inkonsistancy Behaviour Of DialoguePlus DropDowns Under List Edit
[Bug][CSV] Attribute "Patchlevel" is not filled via CSV import
[Bug][CSV] Special assignment of room numbers does not work in the CSV import
[Bug][CSV] CSV import: Room number is not recognized / found
[Bug][CSV] Import of CMDB status with CSV import by using the console not possible
[Bug][Check_MK] Check_MK transfer script fails, because no '' file is being created
[Bug][Check_MK] Dynamic Check_MK host tags can not be deleted
[Bug][Monitoring] FQDN not correct in monitoring
[Bug][CMDB settings] Multi select in list of object type configuration without any function
[Bug][CMDB settings] Wrong selection in objecttype configuration when selecting more than one checkbox
[Bug][CMDB settings] Missing request for change comment
[Bug][Update] Wrong translation of "tenant" (mandator) during i-doit update process
[Bug][Admincenter] Error Tracker slows down the system massively
[Bug][LDAP] Console: User, Password on Report via CLI Console are not transferred
[Bug][LDAP] Open LDAP Sync: UID / login name is not accepted
[Bug][Console] Console: Output of archived user in ldap-sync failed
[Bug][System settings] System setting "Display limit of host addresses" does not work in lists
[Bug][System settings] SSO: Deep links always lead to the dashboard
[Bug][Import] Error of i-doit controller being deprecated when importing XML files or content from OCS
[Bug][Systemtools] Online Repositories via HTTPS
[Bug][Validation] Automaticly generated inventory number deactivates validation of this attribute
[Bug][Search] Not able to switch between search modes when specific are in the result list
[Change][CMDB] Unifying connectors in the quickinfo