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Changelog 1.10#

[Task] Remove maintenance Add-on from the core
[Task] Improve dashboard charts with new javascript library
[Improvement] CMDB-Explorer: Object information header scrolls away when scrolling down in object information
[Improvement] CMDB-Explorer: Option for setting the service filter on any step
[Improvement] Report manager: condition with placeholder for object-id
[Improvement] Replaced INSTALL and UPDATE with
[Improvement] Allow cabling loops
[Improvement] Old cabling views are replaced
[Improvement] Cabling Printview
[Improvement] New cabling view
[Improvement] New console interface as replacement for the "controller"
[Bug] Incorrect display in query editor
[Bug] File / Uploaded Images Is Missing In Validation In Kategorie Object Picture
[Bug] Right "Create" does not work with report categories
[Bug] Checkboxes in the auth system GUI remain enabled even though they should not be
[Bug] QR Code Printer 1.2.4 Incorrect URL in the QR Code Value field
[Bug] Events are not triggered when saving with list edit
[Bug] Dialog + fields can not be added to the administration
[Bug] Logbook: Due to changes to ports, the destination is no longer displayed correctly
[Bug] CMDB Explorer - No virtual server connection to their ESX hosts
[Bug] Members are not assigned to a group of people when duplicated
[Bug] Invalid XML files are uploaded but no error shows up
[Bug] Object database schema is already filled with incorrect data
[Bug] List editing Sim card status Twin card is displayed incorrectly
[Bug] List editing in the category "Veträge" erroneous
[Bug] With Category Persons - Authorization Config Created Rights Are Not Correct And Displayed Contradictive In Rightsystem
[Bug] Formatting the description changed for duplicate objects
[Bug] Incorrect sorting in multi value categories
[Bug] List editing in custom categories is not possible
[Bug] Archived/Deleted contacts (objects) do not appear in contact assignment (category) but the relation still existis
[Bug] Global search: Workload of a 100% and increased duration
[Bug] After Deletion of Licence Files The Save Button Is MIssing
[Bug] Multi Tenant Buyers Licence Without Expiration Date Displays Current Date In Administration Instead
[Bug] Mass changes always change the object type group to "infrastructure"
[Bug] The number of notifications sent is not reset
[Bug] File temp/.htaccess will not be created during update
[Bug] Apache configuration in src/.htaccess not suitable for version 2.4
[Bug] Authorization error message refers to object type and not object type configuration
[Bug] Livestatus-Check will only be refreshed after deleting the cache
[Bug] Improved performance when creating PDFs
[Bug] Add-on handling not understandable and to few notices