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Changelog 1.11.1#

[Task][Admincenter] AdminCenter: Fatal error while opening Add-Ons without valid i-doit login session
[Improvement][Report-Manager] Applications: assigned license key
[Improvement][Report-Manager] Report-Manager, attribute tags in the General category
[Improvement][Code (internal)] Extending of existing object lock for object independent locks
[Bug][Objects] Object browser: Instance / Oracle Database "DBMS" Selectable object types
[Bug][Objects] Losing category "Instance / Oracle database" information when duplicating an object
[Bug][Objects] Object Browser: Instance / Oracle database "DBMS" performance issues
[Bug][Objects] Access URL won't be displayed as link in object list
[Bug][Objects] No pre-selection by object type in object browser
[Bug][Objects] Incorrect object is displayed in the Object Browser input field
[Bug][Objects] Apostroph in object title causes javascript error on save
[Bug][Objects] Passwords are not being duplicated
[Bug][Objects] Object Browser: "Service» Service Components "changes are ignored
[Bug][Objects] Category "Cabinets" only considers the object type Cabinet
[Bug][Objects] Allocation of the last port is lost with duplicate saving in the connection category
[Bug][Custom categories] Inkonsistent behaviour of yes/no fields
[Bug][Report-Manager] Feature "Grouped multivalue presentation" in report manager set to "No" as deafult
[Bug][Report-Manager] Attribute "Database instance" (Category: "Database schema") not available in Report Manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report-Manager: Conditions are missing comparison operators
[Bug][Report-Manager] Variable report results in an sql error message in a custom category
[Bug][Report-Manager] SLA time values not usable in report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Second vertical scrollbar in report result list when using a description
[Bug][Report-Manager] Error when executing a report with empty result
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report with data of the categories Software assignment and Operating system delivers corrupted results
[Bug][Report-Manager] Cost values of 0,00 are shown as empty result in reports
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Attribut "Host in cluster" not read properly
[Bug][Report-Manager] Click on variable report always leads to the referring object
[Bug][Report-Manager] Location paths from reports flawed when calling via API
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report contains no results if query retrieves information from categories 'Contact assignment' and 'Service assignment'
[Bug][Report-Manager] Sorting after ID in Report Manager defective
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Database Used Database field of the Database Assignment category causes SQL errors
[Bug][Report-Manager] Selection of some attributes in report manager may cause an empty result under some circumstances
[Bug][Check_MK] New API function for reading host tags
[Bug][Check_MK] Check-MK: Limitation is missing when exporting dynamic host features
[Bug][Check_MK] Check-MK: export of dynamic host tagswithout manual saving of the category "host tgs"
[Bug][Analytics] Missing objects when displaying the detailed information of custom categories
[Bug][Templates] Overview of the usable placeholders in templates
[Bug][Search] Auomatic refresh of search index locks table of search index and causes long wait times
[Bug][Search] Performance problems when using custom categories while saving/duplicating
[Bug][Search] Attribute "firmware" from category "model" can not be found via search
[Bug][Search] Attribute "serial number" from category "model" can not be found via search
[Bug][Search] Search index is not refreshed when saving content in UI
[Bug][Search] Information in search results is shortened untipically
[Bug][Search] Language setting does not affect information within search results
[Bug][Search] Search results from category host address are always shown as primary
[Bug][Search] Hightlighting of search results not highlighting correct content
[Bug][Search] Search results not logical, if less than three characters are used
[Bug][Search] Formatting is carried to preview of search results
[Bug][Search] While indexing dialog(+) fields a message in log will be displayed
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP sync duration distinctly longer
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP-SYNC / Auth is case-sensitive and creates duplicate contacts
[Bug][Export] CSV export from custom categories shows no results
[Bug][JDisc] Error when using JDisc import mode "overwrite"
[Bug][JDisc] Scan new and update from JDisc no import
[Bug][JDisc] Wrong counting during JDisc import of objects via console
[Bug][Lists] In the search filter within the object lists, the condition "and" is ignored
[Bug][Lists] Sorting attribute "Host in cluster" causes error
[Bug][Lists] Wrong sorting through setting "Display of grouped data"
[Bug][Lists] Error when sorting attributes from categorie "JDisc custom attributes"
[Bug][Lists] Error when using category "version" of category "operating system" in list view
[Bug][Lists] Field "Headquarter" causes error in list view
[Bug][Lists] Attributes of category "cluster memberships" can not be selected for display in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Filtering in object list Relations still shows paging
[Bug][Lists] Not all attributes of category "Memory" are availbable to be shown in lists
[Bug][Lists] Archived and deleted database assignments being shown in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Drag 'n' Drop not working with some browsers
[Bug][Lists] Sort by VLAN ID incorrect
[Bug][Lists] List view automatically switches to first page after exiting an object
[Bug][Lists] Listen: Long column titles lead to unwanted breaks in filters
[Bug][Categories] Status dropdown in category "Network - Port" not available
[Bug][Categories] Category Access: SSH connections with more than one digit in one of the octets and user allocation are faulted
[Bug][Categories] Sub category Connections, attribute Connected with shows error "General error: Object ID missing!", while no object was connected
[Bug][Categories] Attribute "Conntected with" shows that a connection will be deleted, even if there's no concurrent connection available
[Bug][Categories] Objects in categorie "relations" can not be clicked and do not deliver a quick info
[Bug][Categories] Special characters in objects which are not assigned in a net cause the IP-list being not able to be loaded
[Bug][Categories] Selecting version number in operating system assignment offers wrong versions
[Bug][Categories] Cannot create an entry into the password category without username or title
[Bug][Categories] Field "host in cluster" does not appear during object creation on overview page
[Bug][Categories] Date fields can not be cleared
[Bug][Categories] Saving of attribute "Parallel relations > objects" not possible
[Bug][Categories] Duplicating objects with contact assignment, not containing a space in object title adds a space at the end of the name of the assigned object
[Bug][Categories] Cabling of objects via connector overview creates a new cable instead of using the already selected cable
[Bug][Categories] After archiving/deleting an object, the object-list view of application shows a wrong count of installations
[Bug][Categories] Archived database schemes are still being displayed in the print view
[Bug][Categories] Cannot reset height units of racks
[Bug][Categories] Line breaks from multiple row text fields are being deleted in the print view
[Bug][Categories] Adding a port to a Layer-2-Net resets tag information of every related port
[Bug][Categories] Statistics of racks in a room do not include values of the rack itself
[Bug][Documents] The category "Organization" => "Person" is missing in the property selector
[Bug][Documents] Cannot create documents when one or multiple attribute assignments are missing
[Bug][Console] Console: Entering false user credentials does not lead to an error message
[Bug][Console] Commands: No message indicating faulty login
[Bug][CSV] CSV import: Cannot set attributes Runtime and Cancellation period
[Bug][CSV] CSV Import: Allocation partially shows language constants
[Bug][CSV] CSV import creates objects with empty titles
[Bug][CSV] Blank values do not overwrite current values
[Bug][CSV] CSV Import cannot write information into attribute Assigned licence
[Bug][CSV] CSV Import ignores default-template
[Bug][CSV] Passwords are being reset when setting another attribute of the category 'Login' when importing via CSV
[Bug][API] API: Modifying of used cable in port category without specifying a connector not possible
[Bug][API] Changing of connected connector by the API causes a sql error
[Bug][API] Modifying object image category over the api is not possible
[Bug][API] Attribute 'On device' (Category 'Drive') cannot be written via API
[Bug][API] Editing of file category not possible via the API
[Bug][API] Unable to create or update connected cables via API
[Bug][System settings] Editing list view for custom categories not possible
[Bug][System settings] Hyperlinks in welcome message contains HTML
[Bug][System settings] Expert settings display internal settings despite blacklist
[Bug][Update] Wrong MySQL/MariaDB version number in update GUI
[Bug][Update] Smarty Memcache check breaks i-doit
[Bug][Code (internal)] Popups are being displayed in wrong size at wrong position
[Bug][Code (internal)] Error message is thrown "default theme smarty cache" isn't writable
[Bug][Code (internal)] Faulty check for free memory space in cases of unlimited (-1) memory limit in php.ini
[Bug][Code (internal)] Duplicate: Category status-planning is duplicate
[Bug][Validation] Global Category Operating System is missing in the category validation
[Bug][Validation] Category validation does not work in category "General" when using templates
[Bug][Print view] Information about licenses not correct in print view
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] CMDB Explorer: Export of SVGs only works in Firefox
[Bug][OCS] OCS import causes empty database entries
[Bug][List editing] List edit does not save entries in categorie 'Assignes workplace', if records already exist
[Bug][List editing] Misspelling in the list edit
[Bug][List editing] Object group assignments cannot be edited via the list edit
[Bug][List editing] categories for "logical devices" not avilable in list edit
[Bug][List editing] List Editing: Filtering in user-defined single-value categories results in an SQL error
[Bug][CMDB] Cannot use line breaks in CSV files and GUI
[Bug][Authorization system] Rights are not used additively
[Bug][Authorization system] Rights are not fully accessible on the main page of an object
[Bug][Object type configuration] Attribute "model" is not used from default template
[Bug][Logbook] Logbook: Category "Accounting" the attribute "Guarantee period" is displayed incorrectly
[Bug][Licence settings] License Management: Can not delete an existing license
[Bug][Relations] Relationships of clusters to cluster services are not correctly if state is archived/deleted
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications: Incorrect URL in notifications via console
[Bug][Notifications] Cannot choose templates in notifications
[Bug][Systemtools] mod_rewrite check in system overview not correct when using https
[Change][Code (internal)] Archiving default accounts