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Changelog 1.11.2#

[Improvement][Code (internal)] Change the behaviour of the tenant-switcher
[Improvement][Code (internal)] Adding support for PHP extension "memcached", additional to "memcache"
[Improvement][Custom categories] Custom backward category / report must not be overwritten within the category
[Improvement][Dashboard] Visualization of the remaining runtime in the license-widget is confusing
[Bug][Categories] Button "Add" in categorie "assigned objects" (below category "files")
[Bug][Categories] Sorting on object browser not clear
[Bug][Categories] Category group membership unable to assign to object group
[Bug][Categories] Category Accounting, attribute purchased at can not be disconnected
[Bug][Categories] Category Files / Assigned Objects shows false entries
[Bug][Categories] Suggestion feature for object browser with subselect causes the entry not to be saved
[Bug][Categories] Multiple assignments of one object in assignment categories causes existing assignments to be removed when creating a new assignment in this category
[Bug][Categories] Recycled should keep their original name
[Bug][Categories] Condition selection in category "Assigned objects" below "Persons" not available
[Bug][Categories] Incorrect data cleansing in subcategory "Contract information" in attribute "Costs"
[Bug][Categories] Category "Access" multiple saving leads to a duplicated data record
[Bug][Categories] Filter in category list configuration finds objects
[Bug][Categories] Category "Person group" Subcategory "Assigned objects" is missing the Edit button in the listview
[Bug][Categories] Category "Person group" Subcategory "Members" is missing the possibility to edit this view
[Bug][Categories] Wrong calculation in category object vitality
[Bug][Categories] Status selection in category "locally assigned objects" not avilable
[Bug][Categories] Sorting of chassis slots in category'Chassis - Slots' flawed
[Bug][Dashboard] More information in the calendar widget
[Bug][Dashboard] Highlighting entries in the calendar widget
[Bug][Dashboard] Grouping of report results gets lost in widget when sorting
[Bug][Mass editing] Mass change: Creating a new template shows too many categories as edited
[Bug][Lists] Filter Symbol in Object List is not displayed
[Bug][Lists] Sorting in subcategory "License key" of category "License assignment" incorrect
[Bug][Lists] Archived service assignment is displayed in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Port > Hostadresse in Listview creates error
[Bug][Lists] List view shows wrong guarantee date
[Bug][Lists] Location browser: Sorting in site selection incorrect
[Bug][Lists] Archived / deleted services are displayed in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Filtering attributes from custom categories in object lists not possible
[Bug][Lists] Quick info links does not work in category lists
[Bug][Lists] Assigned contracts are not shown in object list, when no start and end date is defined for contract
[Bug][Lists] Suggestions of filter in object lists do not always match
[Bug][Lists] wrong sorting of ip adresses in objekt lists
[Bug][Lists] Paging/filtering in category list is not possible
[Bug][Lists] Ping over nmap returns false results and results in a "service unavailable" error message in the browser
[Bug][Lists] Attribute "description" of category "operating system" not available in some features
[Bug][Lists] Emtpy fields after choosing relating attributes in list
[Bug][Lists] Assigned contract is not displayed in object list
[Bug][Lists] Cannot sort after "Group type" and "Export this configuration"
[Bug][Lists] Location path is aligned left in in several areas
[Bug][Lists] Sorting the date in the object view is wrong
[Bug][CSV] CSV-import: Object type "Organization" is imported without a title
[Bug][CSV] When importing persons via the CSV import, it occasionally creates unset organization relationships
[Bug][CSV] Match to attribute "address allocation IPv4" will be ignored by CSV data import
[Bug][CSV] CSV import: "Version number / patch level" attributes are missing in the assignment
[Bug][CSV] CSV export of multi value catories does not include delimiters
[Bug][CSV] Identification of objects, using a comma not possible in CSV import
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP Sync: Configuration file is ignored
[Bug][LDAP] If no connection to ldap server can be established, it will permanently try to connect
[Bug][Search] search does not find content of description fields
[Bug][Search] LDAP-sync poor performance through custom-categories
[Bug][Search] Attribute "service tag" of category "model" can not be found via search
[Bug][Search] Search Index "Custom Categories" are not fully indexed
[Bug][Search] Result list of search only shows IDs of these categories instead of their names
[Bug][Search] MAC address is not indexed
[Bug][Search] Search does not use setting to ignore archived/deleted objects
[Bug][Search] HTML tags in search results
[Bug][Search] Category "Model" is not fully indexed in the search
[Bug][Search] Incorrect information on reindexing
[Bug][Search] Selection of view mode disappears when using search
[Bug][Search] Controller: PHP Warning at the handler "search_index"
[Bug][CMDB] Object Browser does not display all objects with the category assigned workplace under logical location
[Bug][Report-Manager] Duplicating a report sets attribute "Grouped multivalue presentation" always to "yes"
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: "Primary host address" attribute leads to an SQL error via assignment category
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Category "Contact Assignment" Attribute "Role" leads to an error if explicitly selected
[Bug][Report-Manager] Special characters in description fields cause these fields to be empty in export when used in a report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Field "Dialog + Multiple Selection" leads to SQL errors in the conditions
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Conditions are not reloaded
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Category "Parent object" various attributes from the category "master data" lead to errors
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Incorrect sorting of "host addresses"
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Option "Grouped Multivalue Display" is saved as Yes
[Bug][Report-Manager] PHP 7.1 cuts off parts of SQL from reports
[Bug][Report-Manager] Missing attribute "Layer-2-net assignment" from category "Net" in Report Manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Error when editing an existing report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Error while execution the report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Latitude and longitude not available as criteria
[Bug][Report-Manager] Order by host address is not working
[Bug][Nagios] Nagios incompatibility with Maintenance Add-On
[Bug][List editing] List editing: In the category "Passwords" the content of the attribute "Password" can be lost
[Bug][List editing] Poor performance of the object browser in list edit
[Bug][List editing] Attribute "Address allocation" in category "Hostaddress" isn't available in list edit
[Bug][Connector Cabling] Detection routine for free cables faulty
[Bug][QR-Codes] /src/tools/php/barcode.php throws notice
[Bug][QR-Codes] /src/tools/php/qr/qr_img.php throws fatal error
[Bug][Check_MK] Check-MK: Export via GUI / Script leads to unwanted calculations on the file system
[Bug][Check_MK] Check_mk: Category "Cluster" leads to missing objects during an export
[Bug][Object type configuration] Category "General" can be moved without effect in configuration of overview page
[Bug][Objects] Object browser: Scaling of icons is missing
[Bug][Objects] Duplicating objects with contact assignments results in broken titles
[Bug][Objects] MAC address is always written in lower case
[Bug][Objects] Category "group membership" can not be assigned to a collection
[Bug][Objects] Tags won't be duplicated
[Bug][Controller] Controller: Exporting a report results in verbose in a PHP error
[Bug][Validation] Description fields won't be displayed as mandatory
[Bug][Validation] Duplicating an object does not consider validation
[Bug][Interface management] TTS: Various attributes related to linked tickets are missing when using RT
[Bug][Active Directory] Error message Login with configured SSO
[Bug][Installation] PHP warning during installation and use
[Bug][User settings] Default sorting in category lists can not be removed
[Bug][Request Tracker] RT: False URL when using "Open in ticketing system"
[Bug][Print view] Print view empty for custom categories using a report
[Bug][Update] Automatic check after empty crypt key
[Bug][Update] Wrong response during update if files can not be replaced because of missing permissions
[Bug][Relations] Relationships of clusters to cluster services are not correctly if state is archived/deleted
[Bug][Relations] Relation objects are not archived when related objects are being archived in corresponding categories
[Bug][Custom categories] List view from custom categories incorrect