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Changelog 1.12.1#

[Bug][CMDB] Unauthenticated SQL-Injection in i-doit during login
[Bug][CMDB] Via the URL parameter "objectGroupId" it was possible to inject SQL Injections.
[Bug][Code (internal)] Arbitrary File Download Security Vulnerability
[Bug][CSV Import] Import object assignments via CSV
[Bug][Custom categories] Editing of custom categories overwrites existing categories
[Bug][Search] Opening an object via location view with active result list from search reopens search instead of the chosen object
[Bug][List editing] Edit values in the Contract category in list editing
[Bug][List editing] Edit attributes in list editing
[Bug][Admincenter] Open the Admin Center with i-doit Cache
[Bug][Console] Exit codes for the console.php
[Bug][Categories] Create a report with service assignment as condition
[Bug][Authorization system] Right to create a new report can be avoided when using a second tenant
[Bug][Report-Manager] Deploy connected to attribute from all parent categories