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Changelog 1.12.2#

[Task][Code (internal)] Remove all polyfills for mbstring extension
[Improvement][CMDB] Save CMDB Status filter
[Improvement][LDAP] SYNC: Import of more than 1000 users
[Bug][Code (internal)] Object counter to show the number of objects per object type slows down the system
[Bug][Code (internal)] Improved security
[Bug][Export] Setting to define limiter of csv exports does not work for every type of csv export
[Bug][Export] Attribute "Purchased at" is not transferred to new object when duplicating
[Bug][System settings] "A support button to fix all" sequential requests
[Bug][System settings] Access to / upload folder without authentication
[Bug][Nagios] Double entries in Monitoring > NDO
[Bug][Nagios] Show the Check_commands values of the Nagios Services
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV-Import: Identification of locations based on complete location paths
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import clears fields, which are not contained in the csv import file
[Bug][CSV Import] Latitude and longitude can only be imported with errors via the CSV import
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Export incomplete in category "Contact Assignment"
[Bug][CSV Import] Attribute "Manufacturer" from category "Application" not available in CSV import
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV-Import: Contact assignments are not created
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import: Blank tags are created
[Bug][Search] Find the right dialogue+ value
[Bug][Search] Search indexing of category C__CATG__CONNECTOR
[Bug][Search] Correct representation of umlauts in sources
[Bug][Search] Standard Search of Dialog Fields
[Bug][Search] Find all aliases that are specified
[Bug][Categories] Multi select in object browser is cut at a certain point
[Bug][Categories] Content from category extensions and assigned organization in category "master data" is deleted if the person is assigned to an object which is duplicated
[Bug][Categories] SQL error after saving a central unit
[Bug][Categories] Mouse over for last object in object browser does not work
[Bug][Categories] Using some special characters for password causes makes login impossible
[Bug][Categories] Use the contract date in the list view
[Bug][Categories] Show access URL's if no serial number is available
[Bug][Categories] IPv6 networks are not stored correctly
[Bug][Categories] Controllers cannot be assigned to any device
[Bug][Categories] Arbitrary example data for field placeholders in the category "General"
[Bug][Categories] List editing visible as category
[Bug][Categories] Assign software if the change comment is enabled
[Bug][Categories] Allow your own filter settings in the Object Browser
[Bug][Categories] Typo in german version "Email" instead of "E-Mail"
[Bug][Categories] Filtering on object browser not possible, when category names are shown
[Bug][Categories] Create tags without substrings
[Bug][Categories] Show the right contacts in the overview page
[Bug][Categories] Wrong export of date information
[Bug][Categories] Root location does not have an entry in location table
[Bug][Categories] Operation expenses being multiplicated when duplicating an object
[Bug][Authorization system] Restrict access to object browser settings under administration
[Bug][Authorization system] Rights are not read correctly
[Bug][Report-Manager] Attributes from "logical ports" not available in report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Comments must be checked for SQL statements
[Bug][Report-Manager] Sub-category "Connections" Provide the "Input / Output" attribute for Report Manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Show HTML in created PDF from report manager as well
[Bug][Report-Manager] Selecting attribute "operating system" from category "operating system" in report manager lists all assigned operating systems instead of the primary
[Bug][Report-Manager] Setting to only show category entries of condition "normal" does not work in report manager for category "operating system".
[Bug][Report-Manager] Error in Report Manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Error when using attribute "last refresh" of category "custom identifiers" in report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Wrong output of e-mail addresses in reports
[Bug][Report-Manager] Use of line breaks in the SQL editor are cleaned up
[Bug][Mass editing] CMDB status of mass change template always overwrites CMDB status of objects
[Bug][Mass editing] Mass change has no effect
[Bug][Relations] Subcategory "Listerner" of category "Network Connections" does not create relationships
[Bug][Relations] Fix the sorting of weighting in relation details
[Bug][Relations] Remove the database access via the database schema
[Bug][Custom categories] When creating new entries in User defined Categories data will be prefilled
[Bug][Custom categories] Dialog fields are not marked as drop down
[Bug][Custom categories] Archiving/Deleting entries in custom categories is not logged into the logbook
[Bug][Custom categories] Content from dialogue-plus fields can only be found after renewing the search index manually
[Bug][Custom categories] QCW Profil Import
[Bug][Custom categories] UTF-8 Symbols in the Database of the Custom Categories
[Bug][List editing] List editing of the category Cabling > Connections Empties Connected to port
[Bug][List editing] List edit category Cabling > Connections Empties Color/Wavelength
[Bug][List editing] In the listedit hidden columns were not hidden on new entries
[Bug][List editing] In the listedit, the contacts within the category Audit are not displayed correctly
[Bug][List editing] Changing an entry in a custom category (via list edit) leads to the description field being overwritten
[Bug][List editing] Field type "Link" leads to an error in user-defined categories in list edit
[Bug][List editing] List editing of the category General deletes tags
[Bug][List editing] Bad placement for calandre feature in list edit
[Bug][List editing] List Editing: Category "Port" Attribute "Standard VLAN" is emptied
[Bug][List editing] Error when opening list edit
[Bug][List editing] List editing of user-defined map categories with horizontal lines
[Bug][List editing] Category "Listendit" for new object types without function
[Bug][List editing] Category "General" Save attribute "CMDB status" correctly
[Bug][CMDB] Errors when archiving / deleting objects
[Bug][CMDB] Automatic generation of inventar number fails with php 7.2
[Bug][Logbook] Logbook entries are deleted permanently.
[Bug][Logbook] Logbook for service assignment incomplete
[Bug][Logbook] Logbook: Entries can disappear from the visible area
[Bug][Validation] IPv4 address is not validated by Global validation
[Bug][Validation] Save MAC addresses using EUI-64
[Bug][JDisc] When importing via JDISC a new Dialog+ entry is created at manufacturer for each application.
[Bug][JDisc] JDISC: Cluster / cluster services are not imported correctly
[Bug][JDisc] Changed IP addresses are not adopted during JDISC import (update)
[Bug][Console] Reduce animations while generating search index to increase performance
[Bug][Systemtools] Removal of the "One Button to fix them all"
[Bug][Update] Executing the update not possible in some cases, if Internet Explorer 11 is used
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] Open CMDB Explorer with IE11
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] Bad presentation when using long titles in service selection of CMDB explorer
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP Sync on StartTLS without function
[Bug][LDAP] Connect LDAP
[Bug][LDAP] Special characters are not escaped during LDAP sync
[Bug][My-doit] CMDB-Status Filter filter
[Bug][Admincenter] Remote Code Execution in the Admin Area
[Bug][Monitoring] Can't choose monitoring instance in "Monitoring: Affected Hosts" widget
[Bug][Objects] When creating, data is entered in the Form factor category.
[Bug][Objects] Fade out when the category "Service" is not filled
[Bug][Objects] Category "contact assignment" leads to performance fluctuations in the overview
[Bug][Lists] Error when filtering in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Error when using filter in object lists when involving a default sorting
[Bug][Lists] Fix paging when object status is changed
[Bug][Events] Events: Wrong/missing information in transmission to shell script
[Bug][Connector Cabling] tbd
[Bug][Licence settings] Special characters: Assignment of a license with special characters not possible
[Bug][Import] Wrong translation in OCS import settings
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications: Emails for expiring licenses will not be sent
[Bug][CMDB settings] SYSIDs will not always be generated as unique