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Changelog 1.12#

[Task][Export] Caching in "isys_export_helper" should be switchable
[Improvement][Check_MK] Add-onize Check_MK
[Improvement][Update] PHP warning when updating
[Improvement][JDisc] JDisc: Optional device scan via "IP/FQDN"
[Improvement][Configure Apache HTTPD, PHP & Co.]Remove out-dated URL rewrite rules
[Improvement][Configure Apache HTTPD, PHP & Co.]Remove Apache 2.2 related settings from .htaccess files
[Improvement][Configure Apache HTTPD, PHP & Co.]Remove PHP settings from .htaccess file
[Improvement][Configure Apache HTTPD, PHP & Co.]Remove setting "FollowSymlinks" from .htaccess file
[Improvement][Configure Apache HTTPD, PHP & Co.]Combine all .htaccess files to one
[Improvement][Custom categories] Attributes should be changeable by api only over new option "ApiOnly"
[Improvement][Custom categories] New field type for custom categories
[Improvement][LDAP] LDAP: Login-Sync optionally by sync user instead of i-doit user
[Improvement][API] Embedding of "?load=api_properties" into i-doit configuration
[Improvement][Search] Renewing search index via user interface
[Improvement][Console] Command for filling dynamic groups
[Improvement][Code (internal)] Compatibility with PHP 7.2
[Improvement][List editing] List edit - category 'Operating system': Cannot select variants
[Improvement][CMDB] Category hostaddress: objectbrowser should show either IPv4 or IPv6 networks
[Improvement][Nagios] Add-onize Nagios
[Bug][List editing] List edit for category host address misses the attribute "address allocation"
[Bug][List editing] List edit: Enable category file assignment
[Bug][List editing] Apply values for categories of all objects that already contain data in that particular category
[Bug][List editing] List editing is not available anymore
[Bug][List editing] List edit is reset when clicking on Object type configuration
[Bug][List editing] the Location Suggestion in the List edit are hidden behind Element
[Bug][List editing] Fix icons in list editing
[Bug][List editing] When editing lists you MUST make a selection at Yes/No Fields
[Bug][List editing] Attribute Address allocation (Category Host address) not available in list edit
[Bug][List editing] Attribute 'Version number (patchlevel)' not available in list edit of category 'Software assignment'
[Bug][List editing] List edit: Category "Local mass storage" and subcategories are missing
[Bug][List editing] Cannot use the list edit on category "SLA"
[Bug][Check_MK] Separation of Check_MK and Check_MK 2.0 content
[Bug][Lists] Attributes from category "storage" can not be selected for view in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Implement consistent behaviour for filter suggestions in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Multi value categories claim a bigger amount of space than needed, even if there is only one entry
[Bug][Lists] Edit button is missing in the templates of mass changes
[Bug][JDisc] Problems using the JDisc webservice
[Bug][JDisc] JDISC: Filtering for logical ports failed
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc: Bad cluster assignment on guest systems
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Import: Operating system licenses are not assigned during an import
[Bug][Workflows] Empty page is shown after accessing the workflow add-on in i-doit 1.12
[Bug][Objects] When new clients are created, a memory module is first created when category memory is shown on overview
[Bug][Objects] Subcategory "guest systems" of category "virtual host" performs a mixed assignment to inconsistent view
[Bug][CMDB settings] General settings: Default value "Disable logbook commentary"
[Bug][CMDB settings] Sorting in dialogue admin after editing not possible
[Bug][Export] Export Wizard generates broken XML export that cannot be displayed
[Bug][Relations] Fix database error when choosing a relationship
[Bug][Relations] Object type as relationship master only sets relations that do not have a fixed direction
[Bug][Update] i-doit update should only be accessible for members of admin group
[Bug][Update] Fix warnings about unexpected parameters during an update
[Bug][Import] CSV-Import: Writing empty values into date fields not possible
[Bug][CMDB] "Counter" placeholder is not available for title definition while creation of connectors
[Bug][CSV] CSV-Import: Multiple contact assignments in mode "row" with different object types leads to errors
[Bug][Code (internal)] Save passwords without cleanup
[Bug][Code (internal)] Compatibility with Mobile Browser
[Bug][Categories] Creation of entry in "Operating system" category creates two entries
[Bug][Categories] Wrong property type for attribute "Persons > Master data > Salutation"
[Bug][Categories] Wrong information in print view of IP lists
[Bug][Categories] Print view for ip list not sorted correctly
[Bug][Categories] Persons: company isn't visible in core data after saving
[Bug][Categories] Attribute Search Domain from the Host Address category is not included while duplicating an object
[Bug][Categories] Sorting in the site tree and site requester
[Bug][Categories] add role by person group assigned objects
[Bug][Categories] Object browser lists objects, created in object browser, only after refres/change of view
[Bug][Categories] Rack view in category racks buggy
[Bug][Categories] Creating connectors not possible when change comment is active
[Bug][Categories] Wrong sorting in category "assigned objects"
[Bug][Installation] Path "/upload/files/" is not created during the installation
[Bug][Installation] Extend recommendation for PHP version to include 7.2
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP: wrong check of functions
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP: TLS- and STARTTLS ignores user defined port
[Bug][Report-Manager] Missing formatation in report output
[Bug][Report-Manager] Usage of name in Reports leads to an error
[Bug][System settings] System Tools: You can delete the Admin etc. Delete groups using the system tools
[Bug][System settings] Icons are not loaded when a proxy server is used
[Bug][Search] Search: Templated objects are not indexed
[Bug][Validation] Validation for object-title and use of templates produce display errors
[Bug][Dashboard] Widget: Appearance of many bookmarks leads to a corrupt view
[Bug][Custom categories] Performance of category lists drops with many Dialog-Plus entries
[Bug][Configure Apache HTTPD, PHP & Co.] Deny access to log files via Web server
[Bug][User settings] Button to reset settings of category list does always reset configuration to default settings from rollout
[Bug][API] API: Providing ID`s as string leads to wrong identification of dialog entry
[Change][Performance] Improved performance for category tree when displaying custom categories with reports